Don't have to log in here any more

  BeeWee 18:29 13 Nov 2005

Recently I have been able to get into this site without having to log in - this surely can't be right?

I can also make posts without logging in.

  SANTOS7 18:31 13 Nov 2005

You stay logged in until you choose to log out, much easier dont you think...

  Skills 18:31 13 Nov 2005

There is now an option in your profile to keep you logged in unless you log out. Prehaps you have enabled this option click on your username on the top left and see if thats ticked.

  BeeWee 19:12 13 Nov 2005

Santos - I can just enter the site without logging in or out at all...EVER.

Skills - I haven't enabled anything.

Perhaps it's the new site - previously I always had to log in before I could enter any of the boards.

  woodchip 19:21 13 Nov 2005

Don't know what I am doing wrong then. As if I put the Laptop down for ten minutes I have to log back in. On XP running Netscape 7.2

  BeeWee 19:28 13 Nov 2005

Isn't that strange woodchip? I have XP and Opera 8.5 (not for much longer though...see other thread!)


  palinka 19:35 13 Nov 2005

I posted here a day or two ago saying it remembered me/didn't have to log in/etc and since then I HAVE had to log in every time. Curioser and curioser.

  Ray5776 19:56 13 Nov 2005

You can access this site without logging in and you can make posts, BeeWee knows how as do others but I do not think that this is the spirit of the thing.
It is a good site anyway and free, so what is the point?

  VoG II 20:08 13 Nov 2005

It is intentional. Click your username, top right. Scroll down and tick the Auto-Login box.

  VoG II 20:09 13 Nov 2005

Top left, I mean.

  keewaa 20:24 13 Nov 2005

How do you respond to a person and have they name in bold grey like Ray 5776 above

... and are there any other forum features like being able to edit a post? Just asking , I would rather prefer a simple one like this without any unecessary features but if they are there I would like to know.

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