Don't Forget your Rescue Disks

  -pops- 16:09 01 Jul 2003

I've been out most of the morning helping someone out with his Drive Image backups.

On my recommendation, he backed up diligently every few days on to a dedicated hard drive. Last night there was a storm and a power cut which knocked his computer out - twice, the second time during bootup after the first failure. The result of this was that on subsequent bootups it got to the windows welcome screen and rebooted in a loop. Switching off and restarting gave the "Windows failed to shut down properly" and gave the usual choices of Last Known Good, Safemode etc but all of these ended up with the same result - a continuous loop.

Ah! He thought, "I'll use the backup". Unfortunately, with Drive Image, and I would think it's the same with most backup systems, if it isn't possible to boot into Windows you need Rescue Disks - usually floppies - to boot into DOS and run the program from that. He hadn't bothered making them!!

So, I spent the morning taking a couple of rescue floppy disks to this guy's home. I thought I may as well stay and see that it worked.

If you've managed to stay awake reading all this, the moral is: With all backup systems, check carefully what rescue disks or whatever are required to operate the recovery system in the event of total disaster. You might be stuck otherwise!


  sil_ver 16:24 01 Jul 2003

In other words 'RTFM' ;-)

  -pops- 18:45 01 Jul 2003

Yes indeed but, as you know, many don't, including this guy this morning.

It's all very well having backups but if they're unaccessible they're worse than useless.


  Steven135 18:48 01 Jul 2003


  barrie_g 19:11 01 Jul 2003

Read The Flippin Manual, or words to that effect;-0

  The Spires 19:13 01 Jul 2003

Good advice, says me looking in my cupboard.

  Steven135 19:13 01 Jul 2003

Now that's a novel thought!

  -pops- 19:46 01 Jul 2003

Not yer' cupboard, yer' box o' floppies!

  Rtus 20:29 01 Jul 2003

Its also possible change bios (if Mobo supports it) to boot from cd ( image file Cd No1) it then loads the floppy drivers etc .And again if thats not possible you can use someone elses DIM floppies .

  wee eddie 20:30 01 Jul 2003

Running XP Home.

Asked 'Help' about a Rescue Disk

No instructions on how to make a Rescue Disk

Where do I find out how to make such an essential piece of kit, and of course, how to use it?

  Rtus 20:38 01 Jul 2003

If you have Drive image its in the startup Programs menu Create Rescue Diskettes Click that and have 2 New Floppies (formatted) ready. The Proceedure for use is Select Boot from A: as first choice in boot up sequence (bios settings) Save and exit placing the floppy 1 into drive ready to boot.. menu will apear upon loading and guide you through..also guide in the help files of main program

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