Donner Und Blitzen

  wotan 19:30 30 Apr 2003

Not looking for help this time, just curious.
We have just had an afternoon of thunder storms, and talking to various friends and colleagues, I found myself in a very small minority of those who disconnect their systems during storms. In fact I was in a minority of one. Having been told as a child that I should always disconnect the T.V. from the ariel and power supply during storms I have always followed this routine, in fact the one time I forgot, about ten years ago, I came home to find my new V.C.R. and T.V fried and was told by my insurance company it was tough but they did not cover this type of damage. So to get back to my point, is it really the sensible thing to do or am I just wasting time and effort for nothing? I have a surge suppresor fitted so that gives some protection, but I would think that a good jolt from mother nature would probably fry that as well as the system.

  Valvegrid 19:45 30 Apr 2003


I you suffer a direct hit it would most certainly fry just about anything, including you if your unlucky to be within the voltage gradient.
It my be a an idea to unplug sensitive electrical appliances because even a close strike creates a tremendous electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) which will induce very high voltages and current in any piece of wire, that includes house mains wiring, TV antenna downleads etc.
Just as a matter of interest, I have see 2 foot sparks leaping from large transmitter antenna to the equipment! And that is just the static build-up on the antenna from a storm tens of miles away!
But don't worry, the odds on receiving a direct hit are something close to winning the Lottery.

Good luck.


  barrie_g 19:52 30 Apr 2003

Dont worry about it I do exactly the same thing whenever there is a thunder storm about I even cut short my time on the web during storms so that I can shut down and unplug my pc.

I was lucky a few years ago in that my T.V. arial took a direct hit but fortunatly it burned out the coax before it was able to do any damage.

  Peverelli 20:01 30 Apr 2003

A colleague of mine thought that his surge protector would keep him safe, but after a recent thunderstorm he had to replace his MB! So I would continue to follow the advice you were given as a child.

  wotan 20:02 30 Apr 2003

Thanks for the input people, but after valvegrids cheerful comments I think I will carry on with my @Ned [email protected] routine and continue to disconnect the system when things get bumpy.
Regards, Wotan.

  Gandalph 21:58 30 Apr 2003

And don't forget to take the telephone plug out of your modem. This can be just as damaging as a surge on an electric cable.

  Belatucadrus 23:58 30 Apr 2003

I'm into overkill, I've got a surge protector and always turn off at the plug when I finish and/or during storms.

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