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  User-1439978 23:08 15 Apr 2010

recently bought 'mini' laptop for extended trip to far east+ australia. Got set up with skype to keep in touch with home and was advised to buy pay as you go dongle in Aus. Tried 2 shops, both said could'nt guarantee getting my network provider(tiscali) so refrained from a purchase. Go abroad regular, any suggestions please

  mgmcc 08:41 16 Apr 2010

If buying a pay-as-you-go dongle for use in Australia, why would you want to use it with Tiscali rather than with an Australian based network?

Similarly, if regularly travelling to other areas, get a p-a-y-g SIM card for their local networks.

The one thing that you do need to aware of is that, to send mail, you need to use the SMTP server of the ISP you're connected to the internet with, or use a *web-based* service such as GMAIL or YAHOO etc.

  onthelimit 09:45 16 Apr 2010

I think you'll find it very pricey. When I was in Sydney, I just connected at the many WiFi cafes (or McDonalds). Speed not really great for Skype, though.

  Pine Man 11:07 16 Apr 2010

'you need to use the SMTP server of the ISP you're connected to the internet with'

Not so - virtually all ISPs also have web based email access.

  mgmcc 11:46 16 Apr 2010

>>> Not so - virtually all ISPs also have web based email access.

OK, my terminology was not quite exact. I did say "or use a *web-based* service" and quoted two of the more commonly used web mail services, but you're right that most ISPs do now have a web-based option.

However, if using a conventional email client, it will be necessary to use the appropriate SMTP server, unless your own ISP's server supports SMTP Authentication.

  Pine Man 16:57 16 Apr 2010

Sorry misunderstood. Thought you meant you had to use a specific web based email company.

  Forum Editor 19:00 18 Apr 2010

It works pretty well everywhere, as will most dongles, because your network provider will have reciprocal arrangements with overseas providers. In Bangkok I get the choice of three or four.

The problem is, it costs a small fortune to use the web in this way - you'll be charged a hefty amount per megabyte on your next phone bill.

It's far better to use local resources - in Sydney I have broadband in my hotel room at reasonable cost, and there are numerous cafes with WiFi access, as onthelimit says. Much the same thing applies all over South East Asia, the region is very web-aware, and you'll have no problem finding WiFi access points. Just be careful, don't conduct any confidential business over a public access WiFi network.

  bremner 16:25 19 Apr 2010

My kids have spent six months in Australia and NZ and both had locally sourced dongles. They were reasonably priced so long as all you want to do is check emails, surf abit and use Facebook, Skype etc.

Forget downloads or uploading large images.

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