Dongle vs. 3G router

  brlignorant 22:40 12 Feb 2012

I'm trying to set up my own internet connection and I'm realising that I don't even know the basics. What is the difference between a dongle and a 3G router, and do you need both? I know I'm hopelessly ignorant... Please help!

  difarn 07:49 13 Feb 2012

They perform much the same function - a dongle is a "stick" that is inserted into a PC, usually to provide a more mobile internet connection on the go - see here.

A 3G router is a router that allows more than one user to use broadband - both use the 3G mobile phone network rather than a standard ADSL broadband cnnection. Have a look at this article abut 3G routers, it may help.

  Routers4Humans 13:57 13 Feb 2012

The difference between a "USB dongle" and a "3G Router" is very simple to understand. A USB dongle would enable a desktop PC to communicate to the wireless router for internet connection. A 3G Router is a router which not only gets the internet from the modem (provided by the ISP), it can get the internet connection from the 3G stick plugged into it.

You do not need both for sure. If you can furnish your requirement, I would be able to provide more information and can suggest you more.

You can check this new router almond made by securifi, a Taiwanese company.

  mgmcc 14:07 13 Feb 2012

If you want the "best of both worlds", have a look at this device into which you plug a USB dongle to provide a 3G WiFi router. Most of the dedicated 3G routers tend to be extremely expensive, but this particular device is quite reasonably priced.

Something else to bear in mind, a USB dongle is fine for use with a computer that has a USB port but, if you want internet access for a WiFi enabled phone, tablet computer etc, you need a WiFi router.

  brlignorant 14:27 13 Feb 2012

Thanks for the info. Basically, I'm living in the middle of Sussex countryside, with ancient copper wiring - an internet blackhole. There are quite a few of us living in this old manor, and the bandwidth isn't enough for downloads or skype. Because of a new business I'm setting up I will need to be able to skype quite often. If I had a dongle, would it be able to provide the kind of bandwidth I need, even in this isolated spot, without affecting the rest of the house's internet capabilities?

  Routers4Humans 14:32 13 Feb 2012

As stated earlier a USB dongle is just a device which would make your desktop computer communicate to your wireless router. But if you would like to go for a 3G data card, that would completely depend upon the speed which the provider promises to you!!!

  difarn 14:55 13 Feb 2012

Have you heard of what happened in a small rural village in Leicestershire near to where I live who took matters into their own hands relating to a good broadband service - have a look at this article it may give food for thought. I have a friend who lives in the village and he consistently gets excellent broadband speeds.

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