Dongle for old PC

  GrannyA 11:36 27 Dec 2013

We have an XP desk top which is not wireless. Our router has to be by the TV as that is how we get TV. Can we make the PC. Wireless by plugging in something? A friend has suggested a 'dongle' and thinks there is one which is not on some sort of contract. Can anyone advise please? Thank you Granny A

  woodchip 13:25 27 Dec 2013

If you have BroadBand you can buy and use a Wireless USB Dongle for only a few pounds From Maplin PC World or the Net

  woodchip 13:27 27 Dec 2013

PS just check the Box that it is supported by XP for Drivers

  onthelimit1 14:16 27 Dec 2013

These work very well for little money.

  lotvic 16:37 27 Dec 2013

"Our router has to be by the TV as that is how we get TV"

I think that could do with more explaining, Are you mixing up the Catchup part of a YouView box (or similar) and thinking that all your TV programs are via Internet ?

As for internet access I find HomePlugs are best solution, I have one connected to Router and another that I can take round the house and plug in to nearest available electric wall socket then ethernet to pc/laptop.

  alanrwood 18:52 27 Dec 2013

A wireless PCI card is another solution and they only cost around a tenner

  AroundAgain 19:28 27 Dec 2013

Yes, I've previously used a dongle on an XP machine, rendering it wireless, picking up signal from my router which was in a different room. I suggest a dongle is easier to fit but either dongle or PCI card would be perfectly effective.

You could Google or check out ebay 'Wireless dongle for PC' to see what is available. I see they are even available from Argos!

The nano ones are less likely to be knocked, as don't stick out so far, so maybe worth considering. (I didn't realise nano dongles were now available ;) )

  iscanut 20:28 27 Dec 2013

I use a Netgear USB dongle with my "non wireless" pc and it works very well. As others have said, there are many on the market and dont cost much.

  iscanut 20:29 27 Dec 2013

Have a look here here

  GrannyA 11:58 28 Dec 2013

Thank you all for the great advice. We have bought a dongle now which just goes into the USB port on the PC. so far we can get into anything that has a shortcut, such as iTunes but cant seem to be able to get into INternet Explorer. We'll keep trying. Thanks again. Granny A

  Forum Editor 11:32 29 Dec 2013

"cant seem to be able to get into INternet Explorer."

Do you mean that you can't launch Internet Explorer, or do you mean that you can't access the internet once it has launched?

You say "we can get into anything that has a shortcut" by which I assume you mean via a desktop icon. If iTunes can access the internet then so should Internet Explorer.

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