worcesterman47 09:05 14 Dec 2011

hi guys, looking for some clarification on an item..i recently bought an lg tv with 3d,smart view etc etc ...but there is another thing i bought called a MAGIC MOTION CONTROLLER..which makes things a lot easier for surfing the net & controlling tv, i fitted the LG AN-WF100 Wireless Wi-Fi USB Adaptor Dongle for LG TV and got web access then i pared the MAGIC MOTION REMOTE with the tv and it did not work..tried re-set and re-paring with tv changed batteries..still nothing...i emailed the company where i got the MAGIC MOTION REMOTE from and they said i would need an.. LG RF ADAPTOR.. which they had not sold me and thats why the MAGIC MOTION REMOTE was not question an LG RF ADAPTOR different to the ..LG AN-WF100 Wireless Wi-Fi USB Adaptor Dongle for LG TV ? many many thanks in advance

  BRYNIT 09:28 14 Dec 2011

From a quick look a Magic motion controller is a control for the TV which makes it easier to control surfing the net, you could say its like a mouse Click here a youtube video on what it does. It does not connect the TV to the net.

If you wanted wireless connection from your TV to the net you would need a LG AN-WF100 Wireless Wi-Fi USB Adaptor Dongle for LG TV.

  worcesterman47 10:03 14 Dec 2011

hi , i know that the MAGIC MOTION does not connect me to the net thats what the LG AN-WF100 Wireless Wi-Fi USB Adaptor Dongle for LG TV is for. but it makes it a lot easier to surf it is a point and click ,rather than using the remote that came with the tv....but to use the MAGIC MOTION REMOTE to its fullest i have to have a LG AN-WF100 Wireless Wi-Fi USB Adaptor Dongle for LG TV.... which i do have connected to my question is i seem to have bought a faulty MAGIC MOTION REMOTE...i contacted the compamy who sold me the MAGIC MOTION REMOTE and they mailed me back saying it would not work without having an RF ADAPTOR...but as i see it the adaptor is the ..LG AN-WF100 Wireless Wi-Fi USB Adaptor Dongle for LG TV. or am i missing something ? is the dongle mentioned above different to an RF ADAPTOR or are they one in the same thing but someone has called it by a different name ? many thanks again

  BRYNIT 10:52 14 Dec 2011

Just re read your thread, due to it being hard to read I missunderstood what you had written. A little spacing may makes it easier to understand.

You purchased a LG AN-WF100 Wireless Wi-Fi USB Adaptor Dongle for LG TV to connect to the web.

You also purchased an Magic motion detector but do not state if its an LG model. If its a LG model I would suggest contacting LG for assistance on what may or may not be needed Click here.

This may be a silly question, you say you replaced the batteries but did you check you had put them in the correct way, we all do it some times. Also if you are using re chargeable batteries are they fully charged?

  worcesterman47 12:27 14 Dec 2011

sorry about the spacing..grammar is not my strong point ( obviously :)..yes it was an LG model..the correct one for the tv...batteries were put in the correct way..and not rechargeable batteries either...also, i to read the LG site and there was no mention of any further items required...but as i staed before someone siad i would need an RF ADAPTOR and i was thinking that the dongle and the RF ADAPTOR were two different things....i did contact the LG site but frankly there answer was not at all clear ( maybe becuse of my grammar again :) i think that yes i have everything required and that the MAGIC MOTION REMOTE is a faulty one as there is no mention on the LG site of furthernitems needed ( but i was not really sure that is why i asked the original questions...many thanks again

  BRYNIT 12:59 14 Dec 2011

As the information on the LG web site seems limited I would suggest going to somewhere like John lewis who sell LG TV's and ask if the Magic motion remote works directly through the TV or if you require an RF adaptor. They may have one working.

  worcesterman47 16:14 14 Dec 2011

final update on this thread..after finally getting to chat to a representative from LG ( through the live chat window on there site ) i now know that i DO need a seperate RF dongle & lead..that connects to the tv and allows the MAGIC MOTION REMOTE to work fully in conjuction with the that saga is now over & many many thanks for the help & advice received

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