"Done..But with Errors on Page"

  jakimo 18:59 13 Dec 2010

In the bottom left hand corner each time I click on any PCA thread, This will correct if I 'refresh' the page,any ideas why this is happening?

  mooly 19:13 13 Dec 2010

Loads of sites come up with that... just tried what you say regarding refresh and exactly same for me. As soon as I do anything such as type this it's back...

Vista IE8 PCA running in "compatability view".

Be interesting to see what everyone things though.

  mooly 19:17 13 Dec 2010

In fact I find that as soon as I hover the cursor over anything such as a link etc then that too changes the message from "done" to "errors on page".
Many sites are OK though... is it a script error somewhere ?

  birdface 20:15 13 Dec 2010

It happens mainly on the PCA site you get it on a few other sites but not as bad.
Ive had it for a few months leading to slow Browsing and opening pages.
I use WOT and noticed an update for it So removed the old version and downloaded the new version and my problems have gone.
Well maybe not gone completely but a lot better than what it was,
I was just wondering if I downloaded the Firefox version by mistake.
I also disabled all of my add-ons including WOT on a couple of occasions and it was not till I removed it completely did I notice the big difference.
I am using W/7 so possibly the version was not compatible with W/7.
Anyhow worth removing it just to see if it makes any difference to you then install the latest update.

  birdface 20:26 13 Dec 2010

This was my old thread plus I posted elsewhere but never got a fix for it until I removed WOT.

click here

  birdface 20:28 13 Dec 2010

If you double click the warning icon it will open up and tell you what the problem is.

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