Done to death and boring but...

  spikeychris 10:53 30 Mar 2003

I have already voiced my objection to the advert that appears on the login page but I feel I have to again. Nearly every time I try to log in there is an advert splattered across the login button, with the faintest click here to close I have ever seen (unethical in my opinion, same as a pop-up with the red cross out of page or two red crosses, one which opens the advert) if your bad with your lamps I doubt you would be able to see it.

As I said earlier this is the worst case of bad forum etiquette I have seen here, its what I would expect from far lesser sites and it stoops below the level of standard advertisements. The nasty infamous Windows messenger broadcast advertisement is bad enough but I expect better behaviour from this forum. As also said earlier, advertise as much as you want, even the floating threes don't bother me but having to close a box down to access this site is just not on.

This has got to be the most unpopular, invasive in your face advert ever, please don't place it on the login box to be shutdown, imagine if you placed an insert in between every page of the magazine, it would start to get on your nerves very quickly.

Off to the zoo for the day...



  WaTcHiNg 12:08 30 Mar 2003

And adaware and Adshield don't stop it :(

Annoying yes, but that's business for you. You gotta pay for the services you provide somehow.

  Coaster3 12:12 30 Mar 2003

Why do I not have this problem. It isn't fair.

  MAJ 12:13 30 Mar 2003

I don't see any adverts at all, I'm beginning to feel left out. All I run is PanicWare's free popup stopper (Adaware6, Spybot and Spywareblaster too, of course). Using IE6.

  Forum Editor 12:14 30 Mar 2003

that's done by a separate organisation, but I have made sure that forum opinions get to the right people.

That being the case, we aren't about to have yet another long thread on this subject. It's Sunday, and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it until tomorrow - so let's have a peaceful day please.

  billyliv 12:15 30 Mar 2003

Hi, Norton Internet security will block ALL ads. Cheers, Bill

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