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  jg1990 14:02 09 May 2004

Hi all,

I've recently bought a domain from 1 and 1 and I want to either change the nameservers or transfer it to my web host.
I've reset the nameservers to those of my choice but when I use the check DND option it shows the 1 and 1 nameservers.

How do I change the nameservers?
How do I transfer the domain out of 1 and 1?

Many Thanks


  Baron_Mitford 16:36 09 May 2004

You can redirect the domain to your webserver by editing your 1&1 domain. If you look in FAQ,

How do I point the domain to my webspace?

This will tell you what to do. My web page is with my broadband provider, & my domain is registered with 1&1. Web forwarding works fine for me.

I think this is what you are trying to do.

  jg1990 16:45 09 May 2004

Thanks for you reply.

I have been forwarding it to some spare hosting space I had for a while now.

What I wanted to do was change the nameservers, which I have now done.

My site: click here

Thanks again,


  Patr100 16:55 09 May 2004

James. I have just been trying to point my 1& 1 registered domains to new primary and seondary servers at Webmania. I have to say that i am not iompressed with 1 & 1. When I found I kept getting error messages when trying to change then on the Control Panel (which is extremely slow) I phoed them about a week ago and while I got through to someone initially quickly, after explainig my query, I was kept on hold for about 10 minutes which seems like an eternity on the phone. He had all my details in fornt of him, but the sytem was slow (isn't it always) Then all he could do was tell me i could not change the servers for the manin domaain but would have to create a sub-domain and point those to the new servers. But my Domain name Plus account does bnot give me the option of ccreating sub domains.

Anyway I called again last week and was told that there is a recognised fault with the DNS optiosn in the Control Panel and others are having the same problem and it has been like that for about a week or more but they don't know when it will be fixed. I explained that the previous person I spoke to, seemed unaware of this issue.

Anway it seems the only thing we can do is try later in the week(s) ahead and hope it will be corrected. Not very impressed. WEbforwarding is OK for redirection but without the DNS chnge I can't get traffic statistics for my new web space.

  jg1990 17:00 09 May 2004

The DNS options seem to be working alright now, well for me anyway. I've got the namservers changed to my hosts.

I suggest you try and change the DNS again.



  Patr100 20:17 09 May 2004

I just tried after I read your earlier post but it's still not working for me.

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