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  Bebee 15:10 08 Nov 2009

Thanks to those who contributed to my 'Starting Again' thread. Some good advice and I did get familiar with NetObjects again quite quickly - and am near to a site I am happy with.

It is for a local musical group who are registered as a charity.

If I register a domain name with someone like 123-reg (because they are fairly cheap) is the the process of transferring it to another web host fairly straightforward?

There are hosts offering free or discounted hosting for charities but the domain registration fees are much higher (and the society treasurer is quite tight).


  beynac 16:32 08 Nov 2009

I recommend that you have a look at Heart Internet. They only charge £2.79 for the domain and also provide a free hosting service.

click here

  Bebee 17:09 08 Nov 2009

I have looked at them, and know they are highly recommended here, but the free hosting was not obvious - thanks for the pointer.

My query is with what the free hosting account does or does not include - they do not give very much detail.

How realistic is 100Mb bandwidth - not that it's likely the site will be that busy!

  Bebee 17:15 08 Nov 2009

Just to add, I had been looking at Memset who offer charity hosting on one of their small business accounts - their domain registration is expensive though.

  beynac 09:23 09 Nov 2009

The free hosting provides 2500MB of webspace. The 100MB bandwidth per month should be adequate provided the site is not heavily used and/or you don't have lots of pictures or movies. If you do need more than this, you could upgrade for only £2.49 per month.

You get PHP but not MySQL. It also gives you webmail, 1000 mail boxes and various other tools, templates etc.

  Bebee 17:24 09 Nov 2009

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I would not expect site traffic to be very heavy, although there will be a lot of pictures eventually and there will be video - which I would probably do by embedding You Tube.

I would like to be able to collect information via forms, so assume some sort of database would be necessary - although for free you obviously have to make sacrifices.

  Ansolan 02:12 10 Nov 2009

Hi Bebee

Can't pretend to have much experience with Heart free hosting but do know how they work this. Compared to most, very good, largely the same facilities as the cheaper paid packages but there is no support.

That means you make do with help docs and neither will you receive notification if there is a problem. For example, someone hotlinks a few images and sends you over bandwidth limit. The site will just be gone until the beginning of the next month, without you being notified, or able to change that.

The good news is that Heart had their annual hiatus last Saturday night, down for hours including their own site. Same with all of them though and Heart are better than most.

You don't by the way have to move the domain into Heart to use their hosting, although you may as well and could just buy the domain there. Doesn't really matter but saves a few minor tasks.

  Bebee 06:20 10 Nov 2009

Thanks - interesting information.

I had wondered what happens if you go over your limit - not just with Heart. Do they do the same with a paid for account, and is this normal practice for other web hosts?

  Bebee 17:32 10 Nov 2009

Thanks - useful information.

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