Domain Problems

  recap 11:42 02 May 2005

At work, we have just gone over to Windows 2003 Server and bought new client machines running XP Pro SP2 and all current updates.

The server is a DC, with DHCP running. One of the client machines loses the Domain after every other user that tries to log in to it.

I log in as administrator to see what the problem is, but nothing. No errors generated regarding the lose of the Domain, only an event telling me there is a message. After checking all setting, which include ping testing, Norton and Windows Firewall, DHCP release etc, I log out.

A user is then able to log in to the Domain.

Any suggestions for this strange occurance?

  LastChip 17:17 02 May 2005

Have you got WINS running on the server? Apparently, although in theory not required, Windows 2003 Server takes advantage of various aspects of WINS, and failure to configure it, can cause really weird problems; just like yours!

  recap 08:25 03 May 2005

Thanks LastChip,

I do not have WINS configurred at the moment but, I will configure it, and see if it resolves the issue.

Will post back the results at a later time.

  recap 15:53 03 May 2005

Configured WINS but, got more errors generated.

I do not think it's WINS that is causing the problems.

We downloaded updates last Friday morning, and all these problems seem to stem from that.

Now some pc's cannot print to the network printer, or cannot connect to the network. Error says Netlogon is not running, which boils down to their system clocks keep changing from one log on to another.

  LastChip 23:04 03 May 2005

Do you mean for the 2003 server or your XP clients?

click here for the article that I first thought may help.

Sorry; at the moment I can't throw any further light on the subject. If you resolve it, please let us know the cure.

  recap 09:48 04 May 2005

Sorry LastChip, the updates were for XP Clients.

The article is interesting but, unfortunately we do not have Exchange running but, I do see that there could be underlying problems of which I am going to look into.

Thanks again, will keep you posted.

  recap 08:35 05 May 2005

I have resolved this problem now.

Silly little thing to over look, the client machines clocks were all running 12 hours ahead of the server. I have now Synchronised them via a net time command.

  LastChip 20:30 05 May 2005

That's something to keep in mind!

Thanks for the feedback.

  recap 08:25 06 May 2005

Yeah I was as well LastChip, up till the updates all system clocks were synchronized with the Internet Servers atomic clock. Something in the updates must have reconfigured the synchronization.

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