domain not resolving to an ip address

  dobbin 17:10 25 Jan 2006

My web site vanished for three days. After many phone calls and lots of nagging I finally got it back with this comment:-
"Your website was not visible becausing the domain was not resolving to an IP address. All records have now put in place and this issue shouldn't reoccur again."

What does this mean and how can I stop it happening again? Whilst I realize it is probably too complex to explain here can anyone give me some links so I could read up about it

  Forum Editor 18:34 25 Jan 2006

into your Web browser and hit the enter key, your browser goes off to a DNS server
for a translation for the address - it wants the location, otherwise it obviously can't download anything. Once the DNS server receives the browser's request it searches its database for a resource record for the domain name, and if the nameis being hosted it will finds an IP address.

If the DNS server fails to resolve the name in this way, it makes a request to its parent server asking for name resolution. This process goes on up the heirarchical tree until the originating DNS server receives an answer or a 'Time to Live', which is a time limit set for an IP host requesting a response from another host, is reached. If This Time to Live expires, the DNS server returns an error code to the requesting client and your browser issues a message such as "connection to the server could not be established".

How can you stop it happening again? You can ask your host to make sure that they don't let it happen, for it's their fault, not yours.

  dobbin 08:25 06 Feb 2006

Thank you forum editor that is a realy precise and clear explanation.

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