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  Smokeyone 11:12 06 Oct 2008

I would appreciate a spot of general advice please. I seem to have ended up with three domain names owing to a special offer sale price deal. As I am only offering two dfferent products...should I put both products on each domain and pay for three seperate sites with links to each or maybe one on one domain - one on another and both on a third with links to each - basicaly what is the correct way to use the domains.
Thanks very much

  Kemistri 17:48 06 Oct 2008

Assuming for a moment that the "products" in question are clearly marketable in their own right -- an example scenario would involve a company that only exists to produce or market one product -- then they would be expected to benefit from dedicated domain names as long as those names fairly reflected the products and provided an appropriate "text block". eg: a product for polishing car bodywork called Super Polish could be marketed at, but if it was either just one of many products or the company was likely to be better known than the product itself, then that could potentially be counter productive ad it would be best kept as a redirect only. Do not dilute the marketing value by spreading it around more than one domain unless there is a clear benefit.

So... what are these products, what is the nature of the business, and what are the domains?

  Smokeyone 18:12 06 Oct 2008

Thank you for your advice, perhaps it would be best to have a re-direct. It is for a holiday but just one each to two different to italy and one to spain - these are just examples....
Lets call the company for example smokeyone -
well the second name is smokeyonespain & maybe just stick to smokeyone and have re-directs.....

  Kemistri 15:26 07 Oct 2008

Are you looking to take bookings for a destination, eg. a hotel/holiday chalet/etc. or are these actual one-off bookings that you are selling on? I assume that it's the former, but I have seen the latter advertised before, so I just wanted to be sure.

If it's the former, you might benefit from separating them simply because I think that the majority of potential customers would search for holidays in a specific country or region. Those who go to one might not be interested in the other. It also permits the keyphrases to be a lot more focussed.

But that's a decision that you should base on what you know about your target market. If you were offering multiple destinations in each country, then I would definitely favour a single site because that's what the competition in that field usually does. But there are plenty of sites that promote a single destination and since that seems to be your target market, you could split them up across the two domain names and gain more specificity as a result. It would increase the "conversion percentage" -- number of click-throughs versus number of leads and actual sales. Your resources (time and money) will also be an influencing factor.

  Smokeyone 16:17 07 Oct 2008

Thank you very much for your helpful reply - I do need expert help it seems. They are literally one off holidays to one destination on a particular Spain Jan 1 hotel Ritz and Italy Hotel Carlton March 1.
It is not multiple destinations in each country nor even multiple hotels or dates.
So from your thoughts it could be wise to seperate the sites with one covering one destination and the other site covering the second. Any harm in a third site covering both destinations....

  Kemistri 16:51 07 Oct 2008

Yeah, I think that could work well for you. There is not necessarily any harm in a third site for both, but avoid linking back to it from the other two. Link one way only because to have all three linking to each other when all these domains are associated with the same server can be seen by search engines as a blatant attempt to increase inbound links. Though people who use that technique often set up dozens of domains to achieve it.

Advertising one-off purchases brings its own marketing requirements, as you're probably aware, since any long-term planning is usually out of the question. That makes it harder and adding focus with the dedicated domains could help with that. The whole marketing plan, online and offline, will be make or break here, particularly as you have a time constraint imposed by the dates.

  Smokeyone 18:21 07 Oct 2008

Thanks again for the helpful advice. I'll remember what you said about not linking the country specific sites back to the third site.
Not wishing to push my luck too far with asking for advice but is there any particular piece of wisdom that I should follow or is there a good site for web marketing advice. Meta tags etc or should I pay Google but not really the budget for that. I am not looking for hundreds of customers (I wish) - a couple of dozen bookings or so and I would not be unhappy

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