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  CMC 42 22:52 08 Jan 2006

My website is click here but I also have a forum hosted with forumer at click here

I would like to have a domain name but is it possible to have the domain name and then get to the forum by haveing /forum/ at the end of the address?

Help would be appreciated :)

And is it worth haveing a domain name or not?

  ade.h 23:28 08 Jan 2006

Two choices I think. Either have a link on your new domain pointing to existing content on one of the above domains, or move the content to your new domain and give it an appropriate sub-domain of your choice.

  CMC 42 17:10 11 Jan 2006

How exactly do you get domain names to work? On my forum's administration panel it has the following: -

: Configure your domain's DNS to point to this IP:

Once you pay for the domain, you will see this screen (checkout.gif), at the bottom, where it says "To configure your domain name".. click on "click here", you will be taken to this page > (configure.gif). Click on Configure button and change the IPs to:, after this press "SAVE CHANGES" button.
Allow at least 24 hours and then proceed to step 2 below.

Note: After you add your domain, it will start working within 1 hour.
You can also setup
You will need to point your to this IP:
"Status: Selected" means that will become the default URL of your forum.

Does this mean if I get a domain name I can use that on the website and then use a subdomain such as /forum/ for the forum?

  Forum Editor 15:19 12 Jan 2006

will be: (or

Your website is in your ISP's free webspace, and your forum is already a subdomain of

I'm not quite sure what it is you're trying to achieve - are you planning to give up your ISP site, and host a domain name with another hosting company? If you are, do you want your new domain name to point to your forum - is that what you're trying to do?

  CMC 42 16:26 12 Jan 2006

what I want is my site Doctor Who Fanatics to be called that - I don't particullarly need to move it off of my ISP.

But I do want the forum to come up with the main websites adress as I'm not certain that people relalise it's part of a website.

I did consider moving the forum to something like PHPBB, that someone else has moved to after getting a domain name (their's is /forum/ at the end of their website which they also got an paid for), as the paid for forum software tends to be more customisable (they moved after their free board with 6k2 was hacked).

  Forum Editor 17:51 12 Jan 2006

Register your domain name and have it hosted somewhere. Then you can install a foum of your own, as an integral part of your site.

Problem solved - post back here if you need advice about registration/hosting etc.

  CMC 42 19:53 12 Jan 2006

What kind of cost is hosting then and how exactly do you install a forum of your own?

(Sorry this is one of the only areas of Computing that I don't fully understand).

  ade.h 19:58 12 Jan 2006

click here from £14 per annum

  ade.h 19:59 12 Jan 2006

Sorry - wrong suffix click here

  CMC 42 21:25 12 Jan 2006

ade.h - so can you add a forum on that one?

More to the point what is the best way to create and install a forum of your own (without using places such as forumer)?

  CMC 42 21:33 12 Jan 2006

click here is what my friend moved to after problems with 6k2.
Would this and my website be able to be hosted on one of those packages in your link ade.h ?

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