Domain Name Transfer

  14U2 12:28 18 Aug 2005

The small company i work for have a domain name registered with but having just changed ISP.s we would now like to have the domain name as our e.mail address, we have been told by our new ISP to tranfer the IPS tag to them but having very little experience of domains i want to be sure of the facts before i do it, for example will our new ISP renew our domain registration when it expires in october and will our web site still work, as i say, neither myself nor anyone else here really understands the situation so any advice would be much appreciated.

  Granger 16:13 18 Aug 2005

I'm no expert but here's what I understand from struggling with this myself.

If it's a .com address I suggest you take control of it with the actual registrant (, and handle the renewals etc yourselves. The ISP can tell you the details to enter as DNS servers etc, and do the email hosting for you. The account should be accessible to you, so you can see who is the registered owner, who is the Administrative Contact, Technical Contact etc. If you make sure you are the Admin and Tech Contact then you will be prompted to renew by If the registrant won't facilitate this, I suggest transferring it to someone more helpful. are brilliant.

If it's a then I think you have to let your ISP manage the account for you.

  14U2 16:39 18 Aug 2005

Thanks for your reply. Yes it is a as long as the ISP looks after it and keeps it registered then no problem. Easily say that if we move then its up to us to keep it registered but we aren't sure how we would do it

  Granger 15:17 19 Aug 2005

Okay, ignore most of what I said before - the hosting of addresses is different from .coms.

To give you an idea of what details need changing, click here and enter your own domain name in the WHOIS search box. The Registrant should be you or your company. Under Registrant's Agent the "tag" is the identifier for the ISP - this is what you were told needs changing. The name servers are your ISP's servers on which your domain is hosted. Your new ISP needs its own servers listed there.

You shouldn't have to do all this though: there's a standard drill for transferring domains between ISPs. Ask the new ISP what details they need, and get those details from the old one. Easily should then release the domain. The the new ISP can provide the hosting service you need in order to get proper emails etc.

Hope this helps.

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