Domain name stolen to send out junk mail

  Colin Bell 11:57 02 Nov 2004

My business domain name is being used illegally by a north american business to send out junk mail to advertise medications ( the junk mail takes you to a website with an untraceable URL) . Both full Norton and Housecall scans say that my computer is clean, so presumably my computer is not sending out the junk. Has Netsky stolen my email address from someone else's computer and is sending out email from there? I've now reported this to my ISP and to Symantic, but has anyone any ideas or recommendations?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:44 02 Nov 2004

Little you can do really - is it a case of your name being used in the "from" field? If so, the best thing to do is weather the storm - they will change it pretty quickly as spam filters will recognise it.

  Colin Bell 09:34 03 Nov 2004

Diodorus, thanks for your reply. I wished I shared your optimism about it going away - the issue has been there for some weeks now. There were a couple of misdirected mail receipts in my inbox this morning. The junk is trying promote medications from a company called World Meds. My ISP is now taking the matter more seriously, as my domain name is registered with them. Does any one know the name of the relevant name of the Internet authority in the US that I can report World Meds to?

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