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  Pilch from 11:40 17 Dec 2003

I need one that does domain name registration for good value for money.

For example do domain that end in for £1.99 a year and another service added on for £6.99 a year.

What i want is one that can match this price or near, but allows you to use Solo to pay for the domain of which doesnt!

Anyone know?

Apart from that give me things that i dont want and so push the price up...

  Taran 21:16 18 Dec 2003

No clue at all.


I'm sure if you cal 1&1 they will let you pay by cheque. It will take longer to process, but...

  kp 22:27 18 Dec 2003

click here aceept Solo and are good value for money.


  Sir Radfordin 02:27 19 Dec 2003

click here take Solo (so they say) but don't know what they are like. You could get a free package from them first to test the water.

  Inigo 11:54 24 Dec 2003

UK Reg click here also take Solo. Not bad prices, either.

  head-hat 22:38 24 Dec 2003

Dear all
my story starts with me trying to have a domain to do a dual role, keep all my friend and family up to date with my news and have ISP provider independent e-mail.
I registered with, very quick and easy. no paper work everything done on the net. then having discovered that customer support and services aren't aimed at poeple like me (basically aweful service) I took advice from friends and found an ISP who have good enough reputation and does hosting, got ADSL running and tried to move my domain name to my new provider.
over last six weeks I have failed to get 1&1 to release my domain, four notices from my provider went unanswered (all were SRS official notices).
I discovered the following about 1&
1. it will not release domain without written request (nothing of that mentioned on their web site and they admit it).
2. The web site doesn't tell how to transfer your domain, you need to phone repeatedly untill you get somebody in the customer support of 1&1 to tell you the truth, you need to cancel contract on the net by using a routine not available on the main web site and then wait for their return e-mail print it out and send it within seven working days?
3. Staff in the customer support are poorly trained they don't understand the procedures and if you keep asking logical question eventually admit the don't know.
4. Customer services and support staff don't have any link or working relationship with the guys who run the servers so all problem you got isn't relevant to them.
5. None of the customer support staff is able or willing to either pass a message to the server team or give you their phone number.
6. Nobody is able to tell you when the transfer will happen.
6. 1&1 is a german company with British front, sadly none of the support staff have met the UK executive.

What I have written here can be supported blow by blow by my ISP staff as their is electronic records that records every step except the long boring phone calls.

Make sure that you read the small print when you register domain names, I am told register domain name with as any legal problems can be covered by British legal system.

Lastly Don't register with 1&1 unless you are fond of themoments when you hold on listening to loud music waiting for wothless advice.

I am left now with two ugly options, one take legal advice, two contact the elusive 1&1 UK boss to see if he got some teeth, or third option get on with life and let my domain name sink, something that has been close to my heat.

this is a listen to whoever want to register name, doing a lot of scouting and send a lot of e-mails and read them before you you register. and don't touch 1&1 with a barge pole.

Cheap isn't always what it seem to look like.
We need user led web hosting provide rating system.

Haroutyon Krekorian

  Taran 22:42 24 Dec 2003

Spoke to a friend of mine today (yes, I have one or two of them and I don't even need to pay them) and he has two hosted domains with 1&1 and another with Easily. All domains were arranged by using cheque payments and although it slowed the process of registering the actual domain name down, he still got up and running simply enough and he has renewed all three site registrations once by the same method.

I'm still no further forward with a domain supplier/host that accepts Solo that could be described as good value. That "good value" bit is the problem, since it is relative to the required or desired features on a per cost basis. What I consider good value would be totally different to many, because I'd be after certain specifics from the account that may or may not be required by you.

Good luck with it.


Answer seemed to be ok...

Hopefully soon click here will be pointed straight to my server for me to have useful programs on for people...

Especially once i get rid of the flashing fan that i have inside that still shines through small hole's!...

Cheer's anyway guy's!

Have a good un!

  mcullum_DX4Life 08:40 27 Dec 2003

click here have built up a brilliant reputation, and for the right reasons in my view. As users before me have mantioned, beware of most companies, because they have hidden charges you dont know about. xReg on the other hand, give you complete control over your domain, you can transfer awa for FREE, you can transfer in for FREE, you get control over full DNS records etc and their charges are just as cheap as anybody. I am a website designer and I always use xReg to register my domain names and have never once come across a problem with them. They accept allsorts of payment methods, from all debit/credit cards to PayPal to Nochex etc...

Most of the above companies will charge you upto £40 to move the domain to another registrar, with xReg its free. They also give you limited (in some cases like oneandone none)control over your DNS records.Again, with xReg you can change everything, whenever you like, without having to phone up or email for the changes.

Just my suggestion :-)

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