Domain Name Pointing?

  fourjays 14:17 11 Dec 2004

I am currently in the process of changing web hosts. I have got my new web host, but am waiting for the domain names to be transfered to them, before I start designing my new website (going from Win - Linux format so a few scripts need changing. Its also a good excuse to rebuild the old website).

I am wondering if I can do one of two things, so I can have the website on the new host, while the domain is being transfered.

1) Have a page redirect as the index.html on my current host - how can I make it redirect to a server rather than a domain name? IP address?

2) Change the domain server tags to point at the new host? My host's FAQ says I should be able to do it via the control panel on the old hosting account, but I can't find this in the HSphere Control Panel?

Can anyone give any advice? I just want to be able to design the new site for the new host and upload it, and have all the visitors see it. It is taking ages for the domain name to be transfered. :(

  Forum Editor 17:54 11 Dec 2004

to a url. It doesn't matter where your site is, but it has to be on a unique address, otherwise there's nothing point to.

You can point a domain to a static IP address, but then you must have an index.htm file at that address, otherwise browsers won't have anything to locate and download. Normally your new host would tell you to FTP the files into the server using your domain name, but as you don't have any name hosted on that server you have nothing to FTP to.

If your new host offers cheap domain name registration you could register any name, have it hosted on your server space, and then point your old name to it - that would be very straightforward, but to be honest it doesn't seem worth it. Your old host should retag your domain name as soon as you make the request - it doesn't take more than a day or so normally. Then you'll have to wait up to 24 hours for the new location to propagate on DNS databases around the world. If your old host company is dragging its heels over this why don't you badger them on the phone?

  fourjays 18:16 11 Dec 2004

Coz their phone number 'does not exist'. >:(

  Forum Editor 19:05 11 Dec 2004

How did you make the request to transfer the name then? Many hosts insist on a faxed request - did you do it via the web site?

  fourjays 19:51 11 Dec 2004

It is a full transfer. Domain name will be managed by my new web host. They said that it sends an email to the administrative contact listed on the WHOIS, to get permission to transfer it. It says that if the transfer isn't authorised within 14 days it is cancelled.

I just want to know if there is some way of getting the website on the new host, get it up and running, and have my visitors directed there, while I wait ages for the transfer to happen.

My old web host has as good as disappeared off the face of the Earth, so my options are very limited.

  fourjays 20:14 11 Dec 2004

I think I may be getting somewhere. I just got four emails (two for each domain). One said I have asked for a transfer from and too... blah, blah. The other had a link to authorise the transfer. It also said I would have to get the locked status removed from my domain names (, I have emailed [email protected] as stated, so I am hopeful that they will pick up on it soon, and unlock it (Host Department is the reseller of my old host. Fortunately, Host Department exist). :)

  fourjays 23:06 11 Dec 2004

The transfer needs to be completed by the 16th Dec, according to the information from the new registrar,(I hope they aren't including the 3-5 days for the DNS servers to update.

HostDepartment say that the DNS guys won't be in until Mon/Tues. They also say it may take a few days for them to do it. Even worst, it now appears that host department are resellers too! For ENOM Inc.

If it isn't done by Thursday I have to start the whole process again. Is there anyway I can get on to someone to speed it up? I really don't want to start again, and I feel like I am going in circles and that all of these companies are trying to lock me into them.

  Forum Editor 00:38 12 Dec 2004

I've lost the plot a little, and it does sound as if this is a slightly convoluted situation. Cheap domain registration/hosting companies don't always turn out to be the best in the long run, as you're finding out.

1. With whom did you register the name you want to transfer?

2. What's all this about having to complete the transfer by 16th December?

3. Who is the "new registrar"?

3. It doesn't take 3-5 days for the DNS databases to update - it takes a maximum of 24 hours.

You're probably right about the various companies being reluctant to let your name go, but they must do it.

Post back with the answers to my questions and we'll try to point you in the right direction.

  fourjays 10:56 12 Dec 2004

1. I registered the domain name with PhoenixRising-Web (now refered to as PRW - too long to keep typing). PRW, I discovered are resellers for host department, who are also PRW's owner of domains. However Host Department is also reselling the domains from Enom Inc.

2. In the emails about the transfer, it said that if the transfer is not complete by the 16th December, the transfer will be cancelled and I have to start againthe whole process of the transfer again.

3. The new registar is 'Network Solutions' according to the emails, who are the people who handle the domains for my host, Lycos Europe.

4. The email said 3-5 days, for the transfer to take place across all DNS servers.

The whole reason for the host change, is that PRW have disappeared. Their phones don't exist, emails don't get replies, they have no fax, and their live support isn't live. I got on to their reseller, who is Host Department. They are contactable, but they keep making up excuses. When I asked if they could handle the transfer for me, they said someone would email me on Monday (last Monday). I talked to them again, and they said I would have to wait until Monday for the Domain Dept to be working, and then a few days for them to actually get around to doing it.

It is just starting to seem as if they are all making excuses NOT to do it, and I will end up having to go through another two weeks of trying to get the domain transfered. :(

Hope that helps, FE. :)

  fourjays 12:50 12 Dec 2004


  Forum Editor 15:03 12 Dec 2004

and it's fairly typical of the mess I see on a regular basis.

When registering domain names and arranging hosting packages it's as well to spend some time researching before making a commitment - what seems a real bargain at the time may not turn out to be such a good deal later on. A few more pounds spent on dealing with a well-known and professional organisation can pay off in a big way when it comes to moving things around later.

Network Solutions are an excellent and well-known company, and you should have no problems at their end of the arrangement. The trouble is obviously with the people who are hosting your domain at the moment. Both your domain names are resolving correctly, and your websites are online, so that's one good thing. Hostdepartment are an American organisation, and straightaway there's an additional hurdle to overcome - they're in America and you're in the UK. It shouldn't make any difference at all, but it always does - if the going gets tough you have less leverage from the other side of the Atlantic. It's a good idea to keep your domain hosting in the UK in future.

I suggest that you wait until Monday to see if Hostdepartment can do anything - that will be the best way forward. Otherwise contact your new host and tell them that you are having a problem with the ciurrent host, who isn't responding to your request. There are procudures available which can force a domain move without the present host's active cooperation, but it is better not to resort to this, as it can take some time.

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