Domain Name & ISP ?

  KW2K 15:00 20 Nov 2004

Hi , At present I have a web site hosted through my ISP, what I don't like about this is that the web address is too long ! If I buy a domain Name, how do I tie this up with my ISP ? How do these two connect with each other ? Hope someone can help !!


  Forum Editor 15:14 20 Nov 2004

They don't - unless you host your new domain name with the ISP.

You will be well advised to host your new domain name with a dedicated web hosting company. All web hosts will offer a Domain name registration service, and usually they'll set you up with a domain name and a starter web-hosting package at very low cost.

There are hundreds of such companies, and everyone has their favourites. To get an idea of what's involved, take a look at
click here and
click here

You'll retain your existing ISP for internet access, but your site will be hosted elsewhere. It all works very smoothly, so no worries.

  KW2K 16:04 20 Nov 2004

Hi, Thanks for the info !
So even if you buy a Domain Name from one company, you can use it with another web hosting company such as webmania ? Can you also tell me if I buy a Domain Name,it looks like I need to keep it for a min of a year? What happens if I don't want it after a year ? What happens to the name ?


  Forum Editor 17:07 20 Nov 2004

domain name seller it will normally be 'parked' with that seller. You can certainly transfer it to another hosting company, but it requires you to go through a procedure - you must fax the request to the original company, asking them to retag the name to the name servers at the new company. Once the name is moved it takes around 24 hours for the new location to be propagated on the DNS (Domain Name Server) databases around the world - then your website will finally be visible on the internet. This transfer process can take a while, it's not unknown for name registration companies to take days, or even weeks to do the transfer - there's no incentive for them to hurry, as by transferring the name they lose any chance that you'll pay them for a hosting package.

It's far better to buy the name from the company with whom you're going to be hosting the site - that way there's no transfer to bother about, as soon as the name is registered to you it will be ready to go - or at least it will after 24 hours.

If you don't want the name after the initial registration period - one or two years, depending on the high level (.com etc.) you just do nothing - if you don't respond to renewal reminders the name will go back into the melting pot, and may be registered by someone else. It's worth pointing this out - when you register a name you don't 'own' it. All you're doing is buying the right to use the name for the period of the registration. Once that ceases you have no claim on the name whatsoever. You do have the automatic right to 'first refusal' when registration renewal date comes along, but that's all.

  KW2K 17:21 20 Nov 2004

Hi Again,
Some good advice here ! I think I'll go with the Webmania, that should cost me about £20 plus my Domain Name. Just one other question, Is It possible to buy the Domain Name Out right ? I was interested to read that all you do is buy the right to use it, I didn't know that !

Thanks Once Again !

  Forum Editor 17:51 20 Nov 2004

you can't buy a domain name outright - nobody can. Microsoft found that out the hard way not long ago when they forgot to renew their registration of

Someone was searching for available names, and idly typed the hotmail name into the search field - to his astonishment is showed as available, and (no doubt with a pounding heart) this man bought one of the world's most famous names. Being an upright and honest person he contacted Microsoft and told them - and offered them their name back. His honesty was 'generously rewarded' according to Microsoft, and neither party has ever revealed the amount of money involved.

You only buy the 'right to use', as I said earlier, so make sure that you keep a note of the expiry date, and if you haven't received a reminder at least a month in advance, go to your host and ask them what's happening.

  powerless 04:49 21 Nov 2004

Out of curiosty why can't buy a domain name outright?

  KW2K 20:49 21 Nov 2004

Hi Ed, I have a better understanding now of what to go for. Thanks Again for all the advice, much appreciated !


  Forum Editor 23:46 21 Nov 2004

Because many domain names are bought and consequently abandoned. If outright purchase was possible it would prevent abandoned names from ever being used again, other than by a complex and pointless resale market being established. For this reason it was decided right at the start that names would be registered for a limited period, renewable by the original purchaser as many times as he/she/they wish. You are free to sell your right to use a name for any amount, but the sale is for the unexpired portion of the current registration period only - after that the name registration must be renewed by the new 'owner' in the normal way.

It all works surprisingly well, as long as you remember to renew your registration. You'll receive a reminder well in advance, but it's still a good idea to keep a register of any names you have, and record the renewal dates, just in case.

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