Domain name ideas

  drdeath 11:08 22 Feb 2004

hello folks sorry if this has been discussed before!!! i need some inspiration/ideas of a domain name for a website i have, selling mobile phone accessories any feedback will be grateful, kind regards DrD

  Forum Editor 11:57 22 Feb 2004

because you'll run the risk that someone else will spot a handy name suggestion and register it before you do. This is a pretty common problem, and is the reason why it's a better idea to come up with possible names yourself.

  User-312386 12:12 22 Feb 2004

mobphone. info

mobphone. net


mobphone. org


i have put spaces there so you can see the names

  Forum Editor 12:24 22 Feb 2004

and you would do well to observe them if you want to attract traffic to your site.

.org names indicate that the site is run by a charity, or 'not for profit' organisation.

.net indicates a site associated with Internet technologies.

.info is a relatively new domain suffix, and hasn't enjoyed much success. It would tend to be used by Consultancies.

The European and UK domain suffixes will immediately locate your business to would-be visitors, and this can be a big advantage if your products or services are UK-oriented. Many people don't realise that for commercial sites the suffix (the bit after the last dot) is as important as the prefix. It's no good having a really great prefix if people are deterred by your domain suffix - you'll get little traffic.

  Talented Monkey 12:57 22 Feb 2004

Certainly FE is right, it will be better for people to email you through the PCA mail system rather than post.

Finding a good name in an area where there are already a huge number of companies is difficult. You also have to decide if you want a name best for marketing or description

If you do decide to choose a descriptive name, such johndoephones. com, then it will get lost and it isn’t very memorable amongst all the other similar names. It maybe better to pick something therefore that is catchy, something like looknohands .com to describe hands free sets for example, this has been taken in case you are wondering!

Why not have several domain names and have them pointing to one site, or even separate sites?

  Sheila-214876 15:34 22 Feb 2004

Just done a quick check and "mobilefone-accessories." is still available. The space is deliberate to stop it becoming a link. Go to click here and try some more ideas of your own.

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