Domain name etiquette and rules

  Rwaldeck 13:00 19 Dec 2015

I have a business with a website. I have noticed that some of my competitors do not have websites and have not registered their company name domain names. Would I be allowed to register their company and have any clicks directed to my page?

Eg. My company is I register (who is my competitor) but a click on will open in my home page.

Can I do this?

  lotvic 14:53 19 Dec 2015

Till they find out and sue you. click here

Someone Has Registered Domain Names Similar to Mine and is Diverting Business Away from Me

  Secret-Squirrel 16:18 19 Dec 2015

Can I do this?

Yes you can, but as Lotvic has already said, it probably won't be long before you're contacted by the aggrieved company's legal team.

If you're in the US then what you're considering doing is illegal.

  Forum Editor 16:45 19 Dec 2015

Some countries have clear legislation which makes your suggested practice illegal. In France, where you are, the law is currently less clear, although I believe several prosecutions have been brought using the French 'unfair competition ' legislation.

Either way, what you contemplate doing is highly immoral, and common sense should tell you that it is a very bad idea from a business point of view. My advice is that you don't even think about it.

  Rwaldeck 12:46 20 Dec 2015

I think that might be me told, lol. I'll give it a wide berth. Thanks for the info.

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