Domain Name Database ?

  KW2K 21:01 22 Nov 2004

Hi ! Just wondering if there is any place I can get a listing of the available .com & domain names which are available? Everywhere I have tried says the names I am putting in are taken, so rather than keep trying different names, I wondered if there was a database available which showed the available one's !


  Damo. 21:09 22 Nov 2004

I highly doubt there is one, think about it, the different combinations of words and letters run into their millions. If anyone can prove me wrong I'll eat my hat....with salt and pepper!

  Forum Editor 23:58 22 Nov 2004

as a database of available names - it doesn't work that way.

You come up with ideas for names, and the registration software searches to see if that particular name has already been registered by someone else. You couldn't possibly list all the conceivable permutations of letters and numbers if you sat at a computer for a thousand years.

There are rules about names - they can be up to 63 characters long (including the suffix letters .com etc.)and may contain numbers, letters, and a hyphen, but no other characters. The name may not begin or end with a hyphen, and names are not case-sensitive, you can type any name in capitals or lower case - it makes no difference.

  KW2K 13:38 23 Nov 2004

Dear Ed, thanks for the info. Hopefully you can also answer this question as well: I had a look at the web site and it says that for £20 you get 6Gb of data transfer per month, after this you will be charged a certain amount, can you please clarify what exactly this is, does it mean that if the site was visited by many people, ie for viewing only, NOT downloading from my site, then I would be liable for an additional charge, or would that be only if people were downloading from the site ?
Many Thanks once again.

  Sir Radfordin 14:20 23 Nov 2004

If you have a limit of 6GB of data then that will include all downstream data. Each time someone requests data from your website be that a file or a html page it will eat a bit of the limit up. Unless you have a high number of graphics or very high visitor numbers 6GB is more than likely going to be enough.

  Forum Editor 19:05 23 Nov 2004

as Sir Radfordin has indicated. That's what web browsers do - they download the page files from the server that hosts the web site, and as they do so they consume some of the available bandwidth.

By the time your site gets anywhere near the 6Gb limit you'll be able to attract enough advertising revenue to pay for the extra bandwidth charges, I assure you - there aren't many non-commercial sites that even approach that limit.

  KW2K 21:34 23 Nov 2004

Thanks Guy's for the helpfull advice once again ! It's all just a bit of a learning curve, but interesting none the less ! As you will gather, I'm just learning the ropes of HTML.

If I have a .doc file which I upload to a web server, how do I make it downloadable by visitors accessing my site ? Is there some code I require ? Any advice on this much appreciated !


  mac_gyver 10:24 26 Nov 2004

Just link to the document as you would any file i.e. <a href="mydoc.doc">Download Word Word</a>

Visitors can then either view it online or download.

If you just want them to download it them whack it in a .ZIP file.


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