Domain forwarding do I need 301

  spot the braincell 13:25 20 Jun 2008

I am signing up for an affiliate scheme which will have a cumbersome address hardly conducive to being marketed.

I'm thinking of buying a domain to which I can forward this affiliate. I understand that to get any sort of ranking I need a 301 forwarding is this true and if I merely use the domain sellers forwarding to my new domain will this be 301?

Thanks all

  Kemistri 14:05 20 Jun 2008

That's correct; failing to make a properly formed HTTP 301 redirect will cause indexing problems. click here to understand a bit more about it.

  spot the braincell 14:27 20 Jun 2008

Thanks Kemistri, a quick browse of the article suggests it is possibly beyound my technical nous. My domain seller Heart internet do automatic and framed redirect, Looking at it, I think I need a framed redirect as this will display my new domain name and not the long winded affiliate address.

Do you know if a framed redirect is inherently 301?

  Kemistri 16:44 20 Jun 2008

You really should avoid framed HTML redirects!

  spot the braincell 17:01 20 Jun 2008

I'm confused, according to Heart internet, my supplier, if I use a framed redirect I can set the title that is shown in the web browser and the meta keywords and a description of my website that search engines use to index the site.

This seems better than the only other option which is automatic and which doesn't let me add keywords etc and leaves the cumbersome address in the address bar.

  Kemistri 17:12 20 Jun 2008

There is really nothing to be confused about. 301 methods (click here) are best practice. Frames are not, and that includes redirects within frames. Don't just take what is offered, assuming that it is the best solution for you. I recommend that you do some more research before proceeding.

  spot the braincell 13:58 22 Jul 2008

Kemistri, I sorted the redirect ok, but the redirect causes the address bar to change from my nice new compact url to the long winded cumbersome affiliate address.

Is there another command I can issue which works with the 301 redirect I used but which doesn't change the contents of the address bar?


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