dollar signs on start up screen

  sonofquassiemodo 23:06 10 Feb 2009

please can anyone help, i thought i had a virus on my advent 7093 laptop, os windows xp home,the cursor had yellow verticle lines running through it, the pc crashed and when it re started the start up screen was covered in columns of $$ $$ signs running through the windows options on , ie, safe mode, safe mode with networking,and so on,i was informed that advent have their own recovery start up if F10 is pressed, this i did , i was advised to make the first option, recover without loss, but was not available, to cut a long story short, i ended up going through them all, eventually, i got the lappy bk to normal , i thought but after 3 days running ok, it went on the blink again, and yes the dollar signs are back, yet if i run in safe mode, nothing is wrong,,,,,?,which is what im in now, please understand, im very green when it comes to pc's,so be gentle ...thanks alan

  kindly 07:48 11 Feb 2009

If it runs ok in safe mode, I would try to scan the system for a virus or spyware and make sure it is clean.
Have you tried to make sure that your memory moduels are seated correctly. They can become insecure. If it had been a virus though, you would of seen the problem straight away after your restart. So I would guess it is a hardware problem more than a virus.
Sorry I cannot be more helpfull.

  Grey Goo 22:19 11 Feb 2009

Possibly the video card causing the display problem. Can you get updated drivers. Could check the card is seated properly. Is it G7400go

  sonofquassiemodo 22:38 11 Feb 2009

thanks kindly, grey,i ran chkdsk,all ok, did a virus check, all ok ,.but i did a scan for updates,,,16 drivers needed updating, one was nvidia, plus it did on 1 occasion say error "video",,somthing,,,,,but never got full details cos it went on the blink again,.but runs ok in safe mode,,,,if anyone else got any ideas on why dollar signs show on start up , pls let us know,,,,,ty.....alan

  Grey Goo 22:46 11 Feb 2009

should install your video driver automatically here. Click on graphics driver
click here

  sonofquassiemodo 22:51 11 Feb 2009

cant on this, im in work,on lappy,but can when im home tom, after lunch,will that link work , straight to download,....thanks grey

  Grey Goo 22:55 11 Feb 2009

Youcan use the top link and download if you prefer, does say recommended now I look again.

  sonofquassiemodo 22:56 11 Feb 2009

thanks grey,im a newbie to pc's so be gentle

  jack 09:18 12 Feb 2009

Is nearly always a graphics problem.
Unfortunately as this is a 'lappie' the graphics are integral to the mother board- so no hardware replacement is possible.
Up dated driver may cure it. or no drivers at all[allowing the system to run on the default driver]
So try removing graphics driver[if allowed] and reboot
This will give a basic graphics with low rez - OK for normal 'Office' type work- not so hot for photo's

  gazzaho 02:48 13 Feb 2009

I would agree with jack, uninstall the graphics drivers and reboot with Windows default drivers. Once rebooted if the screen resolution is too small you can change to a higher resolution by going to control panel and selecting display then the settings tab and adjust the slider to a higher resolution. I would then go to Advents web site and look for drivers there, laptop graphics drivers are different than conventional desktop ones, the laptop manufacturers often modify laptop drivers in order to streamline them for laptop use.

You can use desktop drivers on laptops but more often than not this involves using a modified .inf file in order to use them correctly.

  sonofquassiemodo 08:25 13 Feb 2009

thanks, kindly,grey,jack,and looks like its sorted , thanks very much for your info and replies,i can get back to learning how to switch it on now,.lol.

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