doing a school website project on Greenpeace...

  Jwbjnwolf 19:25 06 Apr 2011

In school, me and my friend have been doing this project on Greenpeace for about a month or so now.
The aim of this project is to increase the awareness of these Environmental Pressure Groups such as Greenpeace.

We have finely got started on making the website using
click here

This is my site so far,
click here

and this is my friends site so far,
click here

When you got to the survey page,
It turns out that Greenpeace is the most known organisation as within my school but 35% have not heard of any ones at all.
And that is what we are trying to change, to increase the amount of knowledge of Greenpeace and other organisations.

Well, I have explained the reason for this site and am asking for comments and views on this site. It is basically designed for youngsters from 12-20years of age.

Is there anything that you think would be good to add to make it better?

I have no finished with all of the information yet but have mostly been concentrating on media at the moment and am only just starting to add more text.

Woud be good if I could have some professional web designer tips.

Obviously I don't mean to steal ideas, but it is good to ask the public what they think and this obviously is the easier way than being out on the high street asking.

Please note:
The survey is split into two sections because They will only allow 5 question things per survey unless you upgrade to the pay for version.

Thanks alot to those sirs/madams who reply.

  Jwbjnwolf 21:01 06 Apr 2011


  JordanDoyle 17:35 31 May 2011

I strongly suggest coding HTML and not using a WYSIWYG editor. Maybe get a designer on to design for you. Then looking on something like W3schools to learn HTML and CSS, quite easy once you know how. Remember to follow standards whether it be XHTML1 or HTML5! Don't use tables etc. is my forrst, mail me if you need any help, also I recommend using jQuery as a Javascript Library, and I also recommend using Google as a CDN, it is very easy to understand like this:


To fade in and slide down the class 'class', any tag works with it!



Remember not to have the space!

  Jwbjnwolf 21:05 31 May 2011


Maybe sometime in the near future I will understand all of that, but at present, that sounded double Dutch to me

Any way, all this was about was to create a simple-ish web site that is dead easy to make and mostly to tell others in the class what GreenPeace is about and to get responses.

I know that I would be able to do this after a few hours of trying but we only had a limited amount of time and my class mate did not have very good Pc understanding.

Also, the only time that I am going to make websites is for pleasure. I am not expecting to make a website for anything else for a long time.

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