Doing it on the cheap

  popgeorge 08:57 24 Mar 2005

I am trying to take advantage of the free 55mb space allocated by ntl broadband. Taking the first hesitant steps I have created three pages with a little text and pictures, used the recommended ftp by terrapin (30 days free trial) the result can be seen at
click here.. Not state of the art but it does show better than words what the problems are. The thirty day free trial has now run out so I have been taking advantage of a free copy of Namo Webeditor4. I have tried many variations to try and load picture jpeg images without have the expected results. I have connected to the web site ok and as you see downloaded two pictures thinking I would turn them around and reload...No such luck. Can anyone push a new comer in the right direction.
many thanks

  Pesala 18:59 24 Mar 2005

Try Net Objects Fusion 7.0

It is often recommended in these pages for beginners new to webdesign. If you know how to use a page layout program (DTP) then you already know how to use it.

Just enter your details to publish your pages directly without fiddling with FTP programs.

Registration is free and painless.

  popgeorge 11:33 26 Mar 2005

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply.
I have now placed an order for the April edition of PCadvisor which I hope will include a cd of NOF7.

I have taken on board your suggestion on picture sizing, but I must confess to confusion in the way I should have tackled the job. I used PSP 8 to export, and then optimizer, to compress the original files.The new copy of St Bernard 97.4kb was resized using style, to the picture that appears 250 x 156. I agree with what you say as the properties still show the size to be 1248 x 280..

The website was created using Nvu but the results published using Terrapin...I am now trying to make changes using WebEditer4 which will connect to the website but not work as expected...I also have a copy of microsoft frontpage.

What I feel I need is a tutorial which will expained more than the usual "pick an image and place in file"

  PurplePenny 12:19 26 Mar 2005

If the website was created using Nvu why not continue to use it? It has a built in ftp function (Publish) so you don't need to use any other ftp.

If you can't make use of Nvu's publish facility because it has problems uploading to your website then give the (free) Open Source FTP utitlity Filezilla a try: click here

  PurplePenny 12:34 26 Mar 2005

Here's a tutorial on resizing images using PSP:
click here

  popgeorge 12:42 26 Mar 2005

Thank you PurplePenny
I have taken a quick look at FZ and it looks most interesting. Nvu will not publish for me.

My ambitions so far is to just create a photo alban (I know there loads available) its just that I would like the experience.

I feel that I am in grave need of guidance for selecting an sizing the pictures to the correct format, so I will leave the post open for the moment in hope

  popgeorge 12:48 26 Mar 2005

missed your second post

  PurplePenny 13:11 26 Mar 2005

It won't for me either! I went to the Nvu forum and there are loads of posts from people with the same problem. It seems that the problem is with sites where it is possible to go above the folder where the site should publish. Some people have got it to work just by specifying the initial folder but that doesn't work for everyone (and didn't for me).

  popgeorge 15:06 26 Mar 2005

ZL brilliant, off for a cup of tea and a read of Robins resizing tutorial.
bunch of flowers in the post!

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