doing backups with Roxio take 2

  gudda96 08:48 24 May 2003

has anyone experience in doing backup of hard drive using roxio, if so, would appreciate some advice

  anchor 09:10 24 May 2003

I believe that Take 2 was a predecessor to GoBack from Roxio.

By itself, it won`t do a backup of your hard drive; you would need something like Norton Ghost or Drive Image.

This page will give you more information:

click here

  gudda96 12:12 24 May 2003

Hi Anchor

Click here did not take me anywhere.

When Creator is opened, it does say it backs up HDD, hence the reason for 2 disks.??

  cream. 12:24 24 May 2003

All though I have no experience with using take 2. I have noticed when you get the latest update from the Roxio site that take 2 is deleted from the system. Could it be that it is not a very good programme?

  anchor 12:31 24 May 2003

Odd, the link still works for me; try this:

click here

Wait a few seconds for the correct page to load.

  Pauper 12:56 24 May 2003

gudda96, yes I have used take 2 in the past with win98 before upgrading to xp, it will take an image of your hd from which you can re-install the full contents using the boot floppy created during the process. The only issue I can recall is that it did not want to spread the image over multiple cd's, although I do not know if this was a problem perculiar to me, I did get around this by directing it to create the image on a slave hd. The image is still there in the unlikely event that I should need it, it is called MyBackup.tk2 by default and is a little over 1.5Gb in size.

  Pauper 13:02 24 May 2003

the village idiot, take2 is no longer available as it does not function under win xp which is why I now use drive image 2002.

  gudda96 16:51 24 May 2003

Hi Anchor

Managed this time, its the Roxio site yeh? I have it in my favorites.

It seemed to be all about Go Back and I am afraid, a little above my head.

Anyone who is using Creator5 will know from the opening window, it says a backup can be made, I simply need advice from someone who is familar with burning/backing up with this program, I used to have Nero so this is new to me.

Thanks guys.

  Pauper 17:45 24 May 2003

gudda96, what is the problem you are having or the advise you are seeking?

  gudda96 18:13 24 May 2003

Hi Pauper

I opened Creator, went to/make a data cd/take 2/select backup source/arrived at /my com/hard drive/both had ticks/was not sure if my com meant it includes ALL drives so was not too sure which to tick.

Anyway I THINK I c/o HDD and went through prompts
select backup destination/drive E which is my writer/do you want to start backup now/yes.

When finished, I think I was asked where to save which through me as I thought it would be saved in E drive. I inserted my cd to check contents but it showed nothing. Doing a R/c properties on E drive does not always show the right picture although it said used.

When I looked in my doc, all that I had saved was in there so I assume that when asked where to save, I scrolled to My Doc in save box.

So to answer your question, I just want leading through the sequence and I ask, if I did it right, it should show on cd-r disk yes??

  Pauper 22:26 24 May 2003

gudda96, I have re-installed take 2 on my 98 partition so I can try to work through this with you, the only reason I can see for the file to have been saved in the 'my documents' folder is because you clicked on the advanced options button on the final window which comes up after you have said yes to starting the backup, if you do this it will automatically default to putting the image into 'my documents' regardless of where you previously specified. The actual process for creating a backup is straight forward using the three steps: 1) select the drives (source) to backup, 2)Select the destination, 3)Start backup. Don't forget to create a boot disk as you will need this to start the re-install procedure (the lifebelt icon at the top of the main window). Whilst using cd's to backup the data to is wise to allow storage in a safe place, if you have the available space on your hd you can create an image there as well which will allow a faster/easier reload should you need to. This is good for a general clean out, but it does not take account of a hd failure which you will need a (regular) cd back-up for.

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