doi need IE on my comp when making website

  Limariami 15:01 06 Jan 2005

( this is a duplicate of my posting in Helproom - sorry, i made a mistake )

Hello all

I have still not satisfactorily resolved my problem with IE click here In brief, my compter seems to have developed an antipathy towards IE. I consider myself a competent user and have tried all obvious steps with no success. I am not prepared to do a reinstall for now because resintalling all software etc takes too much time and (I do not think) it is guaranteed to solve the problem.

So now my new question is directed at the webmasters/developers.

Can I forego IE while developing a website (to use PHP, MySQL, CGI, CSS, etc).

If I stick to the capabilities supported by Opera will this be OK?

Am I depriving IE users of a more exciting surfing experience (presumably IE supports more exciting features than Opera, like fade in and out of photos).

Thanks for advice.


  Taran 17:06 06 Jan 2005

Any good web developer/designer will normally have several browsers installed on their computer(s) for testing. I myself use Internet Explorer (obviously), Firefox, Mozilla, NetScape and sometimes Opera.

Once I have confirmed a site in those browsers I often check on one of my Apple Macs to see how the pages display in Safari and if I hapen to have a bit of time on my hands I sometimes check them in Konqueror on a Linux computer.

In terms of testing your web programs, any of the mainstream browsers should be able to cope with that unless you start getting into some pretty scary coding. Without getting too technical there are certain coding functions that could potentailly cause a browser to trip up if you try to run them on a poorly set up local testing server, but if you are learning web development you are very unlikely to be calling anything odd enough to make things fall down around you.

The short answer is that no, you don't absolutely have to have IE but part of good design for the web is cross-browser testing, so at the end of the day you will have to test in IE at some stage.

My advice is to take the time now and make certain you have a reliable development platform BEFORE you start programming for the web. Once you get everything installed to your satisfaction I then suggest you take a hard drive image using any of the drive imaging programs (Norton Ghost, Drive Image, Acronis True Image etc) so that if anything goes wrong you can recover everything, and I mean everything, within a half hour or so.

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