Dog Barking

  Terry Brown 14:19 13 Aug 2003

I have the sound of a dog 'Barking' on my system at various times(2 barks), I have run spybot, Nortons anti-virus & Adware& Silenced all windows sounds, but it is still there, Can anyone tell me what it is, and how to get rid of it
Thanks Terry

  Terrahawk 14:25 13 Aug 2003

have you got office 2k as i believe one of the office assistant characters is a dog

  VoG II 14:29 13 Aug 2003

Do you have McAfee Internet Guard Dog installed?

  robbo45 14:29 13 Aug 2003

Have you installed 'Winpatrol' - its warning sound is a dog bark (turn off in Options)

  livewire 14:41 13 Aug 2003

its a mcafee thing isn't it?

  Terry Brown 14:42 13 Aug 2003

I have recently install Mcafee spam killer, and tried dogpile (search engine), Could these be causing it, as it seems to be mainly when I am downloading mail or programs.

  Giantsquid 14:52 13 Aug 2003

It may just want to go out for a walk ?

  March Hare 15:09 13 Aug 2003

LOL! :o)

  Terry Brown 15:12 13 Aug 2003

Please don't be silly

  Giantsquid 19:16 13 Aug 2003

Sorry about that, but you have to laugh, the only dog that Barks on my machine is when Incredimail has new mail for me (Notifier)

Bye the way I once 'and only once' put Bonzibuddy on my comp, it was about as funny as Harold Shipman running a retirement home, so I do sympathise sorry I can't help.

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