Does Zone Alarm offer the best firewall?

  Mark245 16:42 30 Aug 2014

I have ZA extreme security on my computer as I have read that it offers the best firewall, for the antivirus I use avast! Free Antivirus as I have read that ZA Antivirus is not as good as its firewall. I use avast! as again I have read that it is the best free antivirus.

Recently I noticed that a couple of the settings had changed within ZA. The Antivirus & Anti-spyware which I keep de-activated had been activated, and the Anti-Spam which I have activated had been de-activated, I have of course changed these settings back.

Under the heading Application Control I also noticed that the amount of programs secured had dropped, this number has now climbed back up. ZA does seem to be doing its job as it has blocked several access attempts.

It does seem though that I had been hacked. Does this sound the case?

Everything is operating fine, though a little concerned about the change of settings that occurred. I have Windows 8.1 and use System Mechanic to keep the computer running smoothly.

If ZA offers the best fire wall how could this have happened?

Thank you for reading it would be nice to hear your comments.

  bumpkin 16:59 30 Aug 2014

I used it for years until like Acronis it became more and more complicated as they tried to "improve it". I use avast and a few malware progs, don't think you really need a firewall if running Win7 or later.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:33 30 Aug 2014

Agree ZA used to be very good but now is bloated and resource hungry compared with the older versions.

If using windows Vista onwards you do need a Firewall, (there is one in your router as well) Windows own firewall is good enough but make sure its turned on.

Avast is probably the best free AV at the moment closely followed by Avira.

  john bunyan 18:06 30 Aug 2014

I use Avast (free) with pro Malawarebytes and W7 firewall on desktop. Avast web live interfered with ICloud.

On laptop I use Avira (free) with w7 firewall. I agree Avira and Avast are the best free a/v's and am seeing how both perform over the next couple of months. A young relative uses PCTools free firewall.

  bumpkin 18:11 30 Aug 2014

The Windows firewall, yes of course have that on I meant you do not need an additional one like ZA.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:18 30 Aug 2014

If you try to have two or more firewalls on the same PC they probably will clash and give you all sorts of trouble.

The Rule

1 Firewall running

1 AV running

as much antispyware / malware as you like.

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