Does your XP restart on it's own

  Old PC man 19:19 02 Feb 2003

There have been several threads lately about XP restarting PC's on its own.

shermenator has a long running saga about this without managing to resolve the problem.

To those with this prob, let's see if we can narrow down the cause.

I have a Dell dimension 2300, Celeron CPU, XP home, Office 2000, AVG 6.0 and have no such problem.

Please, if you have this problem, post your computer make/model, CPU type, and major software and we'll try to find a common factor for this problem.


  pinka 19:49 02 Feb 2003

home built - amd athlon xp1700+ - xp pro - pc cillin and it happens regular im told when it happens device driver causing but ive replaced every single one still no joy

  Irishman 19:57 02 Feb 2003

Homebuilt-Tyan Mobo-Celeron 1gig-320ram-ATI Radeon 7200 Graphics.

Happened when first built,narrowed it down to the AGP settings on the board not matching the card.

That's about the best I can remember as it was nearly a year ago.

  septic 19:58 02 Feb 2003

cd creator has always been a problem. If your running this (plat or 5.1) you will have to go to roxio and download xp drivers.

  Old PC man 20:05 02 Feb 2003

Irishman, does it still happen? If yes, what major software do you have or did you have at the time?

septic, did you have this problem? and did changing to Roxio cure it?

I'll refrain from keep replying as this adds to the thread length unnecessarily, but rest assured I'll be keeping a log of replies.


  Irishman 20:13 02 Feb 2003

The computer was built by my brother (lot smarter than me) and it took him a while to work out what the problem was. As soon as he changed the settings in the bios? for the graphics card the problem disappeared. I think the bios was set for 8AGP and the card was 4AGP. Does this make sense? XP Pro.

  Irishman 20:17 02 Feb 2003


  Clonetrooper 20:32 02 Feb 2003

I've had this problem since I bought my Pc 3 months ago (P. Bell, P4 2.5 GHZ processor, 512 RAM , XP).

I have the latest drivers for Easy CD creator and ADSL modem but problem continues.

It does not occur in safe mode.

Problem still persisted when I unselected all the programmes in the Start up and Services tabs in msconfig!!

Is it really applications conflicting or a genuine XP problem?

  Newuser38 20:56 02 Feb 2003

Mine was definitely caused by Easy CD Creator 4 which I foolishly installed after XP. It was finally sorted with tremendous help from the MS E-Mail help desk and detailed instructions on editing my registry to get rid of all traces of EasyCD Creator4. But it has also been associated with some types of keyboard see this link for that and others click here

  PSF 22:02 02 Feb 2003

XP home SP1,

Xp2200 proc,

512mb pc2700 ram,

Asus A7V333 motherboard,

DVD, CDR,Nero5

2 x Fa311 nics

Audigy sound-card,

GeForce 4 TI 4600 128mb drivers 40.72.

Norton Internet Security 2003.

Cannon usb2 scanner D125OUF

Netgear RP614 router with cable modem

HP6L Laserjet printer

I was having problems at random with rebooting for no reason.
When the pc did reboot the fault was usually reported as a device driver problem.
All the drivers I was using were certified XP.

A couple of times the fault was the graphics card and once it was the sound-card.

I did a system repair and it has not crashed since. I am still using the Detonator 40.72 drivers as before.

The Service pack had to be re-installed. I did the web install this time which was 35mb. The original service pack was the full download (100 odd mb).

I did have this a couple of times on my other pc after changing the Graphics card drivers. I put the older version back and it was ok.

The other pc is Xp home SP1 1.4GHZ GF3 64mb, 512 pc2100, Asus A7a266 motherboard, Soundblaster 5.1 Live sound-card, dvd,cdr + Nero5 , Fa311 nic etc...

So with mine it looks like Video card drivers were causing the problem. One was cured by rolling back the drivers and the other by a system repair.

Both cards are NVidia.

  Clonetrooper 22:19 02 Feb 2003

What do you mean by a system repair. Do you mean a complete re-install from the XP discs?

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