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Does Win XP support WordPerfect Office 2002?

  K*B 15:24 31 Aug 2013

Friends, I have some very important files which were created using WordPerfect Office 2002 many years ago. WordPerfect Office 2002 had been installed on a Win98 PC and it had been in use to create documents in an office until recently. Now all these very critical WordPerfect files have been migrated onto a WinXP Home PC running MS Word. To enable the WordPerfect files to open, I tried to install the WordPerfect Office 2002 application which had been installed on the Win98 PC on the WinXP Home PC, but it failed/refused to install. What I need to do is find a WordPerfect Office application which is supported by WinXP and is also backward-compatible. Can any one help? If not, does anyone know any application that can covert the WordPerfect files into MS Word 2003/2007 files? Thanks in advance.

  woodchip 17:41 31 Aug 2013

I use Corel WordPerfect 8 on XP Computers without any problems

  woodchip 17:44 31 Aug 2013

Check the CD in Windows Explorer, it may be you are trying to load 32bit Program on a 64bit XP os

  woodchip 17:57 31 Aug 2013

PS forgot I also have WordPerfect Office 2002, and it will run on XP as it did on mine, but prefer Version 8 thats what I run now, as it as more Functionality

  K*B 21:55 31 Aug 2013

woodchip, thanks; but your links take me to Skype Premium, not WordPerfect Office. Pls check.

  Jwbjnwolf 00:54 01 Sep 2013

I'd certainly of assumed that it would simply by being "2002". Unless it was made for Linux, or mac then I'd not see why it wouldn't of been, but no harm knasking lol :P

  Jwbjnwolf 00:55 01 Sep 2013

Ugh -_- autocorrect!! I done "in asking" and autocorrect changed it xD.

  K*B 07:33 01 Sep 2013

woodchip, can you let me have your soft copy of WordPerfect Office 2002? Maybe the one I tried to install on my WinXP Home PC is corrupt. I hope there's no license issues since WordPerfect Office 2002 application is so old and no-one really cares about it any more. Thanks.

  woodchip 16:29 01 Sep 2013

May need it, it was not me that posted the link. There should not be a reason why your Office 2002 should load and run. Try this. Put the CD in the drive hold shift key down to stop Auto Setup Running, then right click on CD drive and choose copy then on desktop click paste. Restart in safe mode by tapping F8 as PC starts when in safe mode double click on the copy that you made or look for the setup file in the program

  K*B 23:43 01 Sep 2013

woodchip, I did what you advised and finally identified the setup.exe file (all copied and pasted on the desktop), but when I double clicked it the error message was that the file (that is the setup.exe file) could not be found. I tried again, same error! I suupect the CD is faulty or the program is corrupted. I have kept WordPerfect Office 2002 burned and kept on that CD since 2003! any way. what do you think? Any other ideas? I desparately need WordPerfect Office 2002. Please help. Thanks.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:41 02 Sep 2013

K*B, according to this, it appears that you should be able to open your old WordPerfect files in OpenOffice's "Writer" application. You could then save them in the Microsoft Word format.

If you're interested in this workaround then you can get OpenOffice for free from here. If you're asked which office applications you want to install then just select their word-processor called "Writer".

Hope that helps.

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