Does a website ...

  Bob The Nob© 22:02 01 Mar 2006

...with flashy content get more visitors. Some site with flash look better but load slower. So do you got with looks or speed?

  ade.h 22:20 01 Mar 2006

It'll get less visitors. Those who don't have the plugins often don't bother. Those who lack the time or patience won't bother. Search engines can't index Flash pages, so unless it is already an established site, it'll have a harder time getting off the ground.

  mco 22:43 01 Mar 2006

yep. Isn't there something called the three second rule? If you can't get what you want in three seconds you go elsewhere? Certainly if you have to hang on while they are 'uploading.....' then I will clear off elsewhere. And what about those poor guys still on dial up?

  mco 22:45 01 Mar 2006

I meant - go with speed , not looks - if it loads quicker, then that's what counts for getting someone even to give it a chance. Might be the 'flashiest' flash site ever but if it takes an age to load people will be off. Just my opinon.

  Gadget Manager 16:54 02 Mar 2006

Just that flash, as in a bit spivvy and over the top like a flash car, might look good but does it always perform?

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