Does VLC support Live TV on a PC

  Linkslade 15:11 20 Jun 2016


My question is as in the title.

Running windows 10 and have sussed out playing a DVD but can see no mention of live TV on the menus.

Any advice appreciated. Hi

  Jollyjohn 16:09 20 Jun 2016

No that's the main thing that is missing from W10 for me - no media centre. There are alternatives to media centre - XBMC and there is a hack of media centre that runs on W10, but not very good for live TV.

  john bunyan 17:39 20 Jun 2016

I am looking at Happauge TV tuner for W10 that comes with its own software. I am still using WMC with built in tuner on my old desktop on W 7 . The existing desktop is not W7 compatable.I think Happauge offer their software separately - have a look at their website.

  Linkslade 17:48 20 Jun 2016

Yes I do realise there are several alternatives of which I understand VLC to be one of the best. I was led to believe VLC made it possible to use the DVD drive and also supported live TV. The DVD drive proved no problem to configure, but as I'm not seeing anything in connection with live TV in it's menus I'm wondering if in fact it doesn't support it and that I've been misinformed.

  lotvic 18:36 20 Jun 2016

VLC - It depends on what you mean by 'live TV' are you meaning watch tv via your tv tuner card: signal via a Sat dish, signal via rooftop aerial, it is under Open Capture Devices > or do you mean Internet live TV?

Do a google for vlc player tv tuner card

  Linkslade 18:53 20 Jun 2016

Thanks lotvic.

Will google it as advised.

  Linkslade 07:57 21 Jun 2016

John Bunyan,

Thanks for the Hauppauge tip.

Just been given a WinTV HVR 900 tuner stick so will have a look on their website for the software.

Going this way looks much easier than via VLC.

  john bunyan 08:53 21 Jun 2016


Hope it works . I will be following if and when I get my new W10 PC, so look forward to hearing from you again. My built in Happuage on WMC has been going for years and I will miss it in W 10.

  Linkslade 13:31 21 Jun 2016

John Bunyan,

Been in touch with Hauppauge and the disc I require costs a tenner and is on it's way. The disc and my tuner stick are compatible with Windows 10. I'll post back when I'm up and running.

Be lucky.

  Linkslade 12:44 23 Jun 2016

John Bunyan

Disc arrived today. Just installed it and tuned in the channels via the HVR stick. Everything came up OK. It's fine on 10.

You should have no problems with it on a new PC.

  john bunyan 12:58 23 Jun 2016


Glad it worked, thanks for feedback. I will follow suit when I get new W10 PC.

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