Does VGA to DVI ever work?

  Catsmile 12:06 15 Feb 2011


I was given a Hazro 27" monitor by a programmer friend to use as an additionional screen with my laptop.

I've spent weeks now trying to get it recognise the output from the laptop with no joy. Tried the DVI-D cable that came with it first - then realised that this wouldn't work because the laptop (Toshiba Satellite) has a VGA port (doesn't even have a HDMI port - so a bit basic even though only bought it a year ago?). Using an adapter didn't help so I guessed the Laptop output was ananlog (no good for DVI-D).

Also tried a DVI-A to VGA cable - no joy. Then tried DVI-I to DVI-I with adaptor - no luck.

Am I right in assuming that the monitor is purely DVi-D and would never recognise a signal from a standard VGA ported laptop or pc?

So basically I need to give the monitor back to my friend or buy a very expensive pc to match the monitor?

Your honest advice would be very much appreciated.

Many Thanks

  [email protected] 02:59 16 Feb 2011

I've never seen a monitor that has only a DVI port, but if this is the case then the only way you will get it to work is if the signal is actually CONVERTED to digital. A simple DVI - VGA adapter would not suffice - these are designed to be used with graphics card that can output both a digital or VGA signal from a single DVI port.

I've never seen a device that would convert the signal, but that's not to say that they don't exist.

  BRYNIT 09:02 16 Feb 2011

It may be a silly question but did you select the Monitor using the fn + I think the F5.

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