Does a USB to Serial Converter work?

  1936 11:10 10 Oct 2004

I have been trying to run a Garmin GPS 111 with my laptop but it kept crashing so I thought that I would try to replicate the problem with my desktop computer. I connected the GPS to the desktop computer via what I refer to as a serial port and it ran the GPS perfectly.
I then connected the GPS to the desktop computer via a USB Serial converter and the computer crashed. I then had a look at some notes I had when I last looked at this problem. The note that I found said, "The USB port, is and never will be the same as a serial port." If you purchase a USB to RS232onverter you are not creating a perfect replica of the original communications.” If that is the case the problem is irresolvable that is unless someone says otherwise although it would help of course if Garmin came into the modern world and created a connecting cable with a USB connector. I would welcome any advice.

  1936 12:56 10 Oct 2004

I have contacted them and read their information sheet which states that customers have confirmed that it works with the Garmin GPS + XP + so I E-Mailed them and asked if it works with the Garmin GPS 111.
If it does, then great and many thanks.

  1936 17:43 10 Oct 2004

I think that is what happened with my laptop only I only have two USBs. I would like details of the lead just incase the one mentioned above does not work.

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