Does a switch cause slow connection etc.,

  RISC OS user 19:50 01 Aug 2013

I installed a TP link LAN Switch and since then my ping times have increased and the desktop PC's mouse is either very slow or stop in one place and then moves on again, I have also noticed that if I stream a programme such as BBC News 24 the time lag for it to run after the first frame appears on the screen is qu;ite long, I have now disconnected the Switch and all apears to have reverted to normal is this usual and expected with a switch.

  Ian in Northampton 20:34 01 Aug 2013

I'd suspect you have either a misconfigured or faulty switch - that shouldn't happen.

  RISC OS user 21:43 01 Aug 2013

Thank you for your reply, I have added the information below, perhaps you can see a misconfiguration? I installed a TP-Link Model TL-SF10005D 5 port 10/100Mbps Desktop Switch. It appeared to be working correctly after I linked the Router to it via Port one and port 5 on the switch, my Laptop is linked to the switch via port 1, port 4 in connected but not in use at present it will be used for another PC in another room. My Desktop PC; RiscPC and the Solar PV system monitor are all still connected to the Router as before. The Laptop appears to be a little slow to show for instance BBC News 24 and it appears to be buffering, and then continues as normal but the Desktop PC's mouse keeps freezing or is very slow. If I switch off the Switch the PC works as normal.

  Ian in Northampton 09:55 02 Aug 2013

Those are strange symptoms. I can't see a misconfiguration issue. Sorry, I really don't know what to recommend, other than trying a different switch.

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