Does such a thing exist?

  drew645 12:24 22 Jan 2005

I am wondering if there is any software which will safely remove duplicate DLLs. I have found several that identify duplicates but give stern warnings about removing anything!
What I am hoping for is a program which will tell me what is safe to remove and ideally alter references so that programs using DLLs will be "re-directed" to the remaining copy.
I have about 3gigs of duplicates so it is annoying.
Can anyone help or am I living in dreamland?

  john-232317 13:48 22 Jan 2005

Friendly google came up with this : click here

  Dennis1 14:26 22 Jan 2005

There's this never used it but it's here

  Dennis1 14:27 22 Jan 2005

Sorry that's the wrong here

  PA28 14:46 22 Jan 2005

Please, please - be very careful in the wonderful world of DLLs.

  drew645 22:36 22 Jan 2005

Thanks to all, I'll give them a go.
If it solves the problem I'll post the result.
Fortunately I keep a complete copy of my hard disk so I can recover if I get it wrong!

  FelixTCat 23:16 22 Jan 2005

Programs look for dlls first in their own directories, then in \windows\system32. However, programmes sometimes need different versions of any specific dll. To test this, where there is a dll in both the program's directories and in \system32, rename the one in the program directory to XXX.dlo and run the program. If it runs properly for a while, you can either delete the .dlo or back it up, noting where it came from. If the program won't work, then it needs that version of the dll.

  NickyK 00:59 23 Jan 2005

This product (No Clone) was included on the February 2005 Computer Shopper cover-DVD. Up to you whether or not this can be regarded as a recommendation (CS would disclaim and say "use at own risk"). I haven't tried it.

Axelab's Win speed-up (cover mounted on our beloved PC Advisor Jan 2005) also has a duplicate file edit facility. This allows you to delete the duplicate files individually, so at least you can take out the obvious and leave anything you are unsure about.

3 gigs of duplicates is annoying (I have somewhere around the same) but unless you have a space-shortage, they might not be worth messing with.

In my case,I have left my duplcates alone. Better safe than sorry, and back-ups are all very well, if they were done right in the first place. If it ain't broke, etc. Too much error margin. (My opinion, only).

  Dennis1 11:41 23 Jan 2005

I've just tried the one I told you about,removed nearly 400 duplicate files, Just thought I'd pass the information on.

  drew645 08:24 24 Jan 2005

Thanks to all.
I have run the suggestions and have a list to work with. I'll try to figure out the safe ones to delete.

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