Does this sound like a terminal computer failure??

  diode 17:27 21 May 2005

My son has a computer running Win XP pro, it happened to be on when there was a power interupt to the electrical power. Now on boot up it goes through the initial memory check, then gives the message Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter. Putting in the original Win XP disc does not help( I was under the impression this was a bootable disk) I also changed the boot order to make the CD ROM first bootble device but this did not appear to work. Also looking at the Standard CMOS it is not recognising any hard drive. Can anyone make any diagnostic suggestions.Thanks

  AndySD 17:36 21 May 2005

Try click here check the ram.

Is the bios seeing the cd drives if so it may just be the hard drive, do you know the make of the hard drive?

  diode 17:46 21 May 2005

Off hand don't know but I can open it up and have a look. will report back on the results

  woodchip 18:02 21 May 2005

try auto detect in cmos of hard discs, ram should be ok as you would not get to cmos

  diode 18:45 21 May 2005

As you forecast Woodchip on the first test pass, all passed as satisfactory. Also now I have heard on boot up there is a more "fatal" type mechanical noise similar to a 31/2 floppy searching for a disk, which appears to originate from the hard drive area. I don't think it looks good unless anyone has any other ideas. Woodchip, already tried the auto detect but no joy. For info the system does have a surge protector but I assume the electical interrupt was the straw that broke the hard drives back!!!

  woodchip 18:58 21 May 2005

try a new cable on the drive

  woodchip 19:01 21 May 2005

Also Download this, put floppy in dirve and double click the download to create a hard drive floppy check disc start with disc and check hard drive

click here

  diode 19:01 21 May 2005

I have just dug the drive out of the computer, it is a Quatum fireball plus AS. I am not saying it is not a quality drive but I have never heard of them.

  woodchip 19:04 21 May 2005

good drive but not made now

  diode 19:06 21 May 2005

might not get time to do it all tonight. Mind you witht the mechanical sound emiating from it, I don't hold out much hope, but will give it a try.

  diode 19:47 21 May 2005

That was quicker than I thought. The program registers no detectable drives. Tried brand new cables but no joy I am afraid. I think I am going to have to call it quits, and either build him a new one or buy one. Thanks for your help guys. will leave the thread open for a couple of hours to see if anyone has any other ideas then will mark it resolved

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