Does slow burn = less glitches?

  User-CB891CD3-2C0E-41D9-8EC3325B3E5D2701 16:01 19 Dec 2003

I burn VCD's but often the result seems to have quite a few pops and squeaks. Does a slower burn result in lees 'noise' does anyone know?

  Djohn 16:05 19 Dec 2003

Generally speaking, the slower the burn speed the more accurate the result, but with a good quality drive and blank media, results should be fine at higher speeds. Like most things, it's a matter of experimenting to find the best compromise with different brands of Cd's and speeds of your drive.

Thnx - Have tried various media. Also tried on Laptop and PC both pretty new and good spec (work ones of course!!)

  Djohn 16:58 19 Dec 2003

malctheman, Have you tried the "imation" brand of Cd's? They come in packs of ten and three packs can be bought for about £10.00 from "Morrison's stores". This is the brand I use and have no problems with even at high speed burning.

Many other forum members also recommend them as well. j.

  grabster 20:33 19 Dec 2003

I burn vcd's at 12x only with my lite-on 52327s as i find
burning with a slower speed removes blocky bits and noisy bit's at the end of a vcd no matter which cd's i use.

Thanks both - I 9normally0 use either Imation or Verbatim both of which have very few, if any, 'bad' disks but it was hust the noise issue on VCD's. Think I wil do what Grabster does and burn more slowly. Just have to put up with the extra 1 minute wait!! while it does it

  Stuartli 09:00 22 Dec 2003

I always burn at least one speed less than the maximum of the media i.e 16x for a 24x CD-R.

The quality of the media is also important and can work in your favour - I recently burned a 12x Kodak Ultima 80 CD-R at 24x in error and found, to my delight, that it performed perfectly when checked.

If you go to click here you'll discover that there are only about 15-16 factories in the world producing CD-R etc media, much of which is rebranded by the top names.

One of the top factories is Taiyo Yuden and it produces, amongst others, Imation, Sony and Philips media.

Some pages which detail which are the best, average and worst media producing factories, along with results of how long the best disks will retain data, can be found at:

click here

click here

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