Does router/modem slow down broadband ?

  LJC 17:12 14 Nov 2003

I have just got btyahoo broadband and it was superfast on the free modem supplied. I now have installed a router/modem (speedtouch 510)to share the connection. But since doing this it seems to be some what slower. Is this correct, is the connection slower through the router/ modem or is the modem just a slower one than the one supplied by btyahoo ?
My machine is Pentium 4 with xp so should be fast enough for the job.

Any ideas ?

  spikeychris 18:02 14 Nov 2003

No. If all computers attached to the router are accessing the net
simultaneously, a good router will divide the bandwidth equally between
them all.

  hugh-265156 18:06 14 Nov 2003

if the other computer on your network is downloading stuff while you are browsing then your speed will suffer a bit.

if both computers are just browsing you may not notice any slowdown at all.

Hardware specifications
• Interfaces:
- LAN:
• 10/100Base-T (RJ45)
• either 1 Ethernet port or a 4-port Ethernet switch

• Up to 8 Mb/s downstream for POTS and ISDN, 832 kb/s
upstream for POTS and 640 kb/s upstream for ISDN

hardware will be able to transfer data faster than your bb connection so its not the hardware im guessing.

  LJC 18:40 14 Nov 2003

Thanks for your advice. I am guessing you are saying the network router should be fast enough. Are all DSL modems (router/modems)the same speed or are some faster than others ?

  hugh-265156 18:50 14 Nov 2003

some are capable of higher transfer speeds than others

but all should,if designed for home use,be more than capable and will be able to transfer data faster than you can download it or send it.

i think lol!

ps the above specs was quoted from click here

  LJC 19:25 14 Nov 2003

Thanks huggyg

I will have to ring tech support on Monday to see if they can tell me why it going slower.

Is there any way of checking my broadband connection speed. Now the router is installed I can only see the two little compter screens (local area connection)in my system try and they say speed:100.0 Mbps

Thanks LJC

  Daveboy 19:59 14 Nov 2003

Plenty of sites like this.
click here

  hugh-265156 21:54 14 Nov 2003

simple speed test click here

  Willy9b 22:05 14 Nov 2003

Go to click here (a great site!) and run a speed test.

  LJC 09:24 15 Nov 2003

Thanks all,

I have checked my connection speeds and it says

Downstream 432 Kbps (54.0 KB/sec) 466 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 250 Kbps (31.3 KB/sec) 270 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Would that be about right, is this slow for broadband or OK ? Before I installed the router Im sure i was getting 570ish Kbps

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