Does PCII work with PCI Express?

  bemuzed 19:21 10 Feb 2005

I have heard that some motherboards are now made with a faster version of PCI called PCI express. If I got one of these motherboards would my curretn PCI cards plug in and work?

  bremner 19:40 10 Feb 2005

Not into the PCI-E slot.

They would howver go in one of the normal PCI slots but would not show any improvement over your current set up.

  t.long 19:46 10 Feb 2005

To calrify the new PCIE is aimed at graphics cards, as such only one/two of the slots will be 'PCIE' the rest will be ordinary PCI slots, and fully compatible with existing PCI hardware, modems ethernet cards, sound cards et al.

  interzone55 20:27 10 Feb 2005

PCI Express is not just aimed at Graphics cards, all PCI cards will eventually migarte to the new type slot.

There are in fact 2 types of PCI-E slot, x1 which runs at one speed, and is aimed at normal hardware like modems, ethernet cards etc, and x16 which runs at 16 times the normal speed and will be used for VGA cards.

The fact of the matter is, people use PCI slots less & less, as most things are either built into the Motherboard (sound, network port, USB & Firewire ports etc) or plug into a USB port (external ADSL modems, external hard drives), so that soon we will only have the 1 or 2 PCI-E x16 slots.

  bemuzed 13:33 12 Feb 2005

Thanks for the explanations.

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