Does Outlook 2000 require Outlook Express?

  Gaz W 14:36 13 Feb 2004

I was asked to clear a Compaq Presario Windows 98 Laptop of all its junk and I have updated most of the software. It originally had Internet Explorer 5.0 and Outlook Express 5.0, so I decided to update to version 6.0. When I installed 6.0 I decided not to bother installing Outlook Express because it already had Outlook 2000, which is what will be used anyway.

I then uninstalled OE 5.0. It said something to the effect of it may stop Outlook from operating, but I thought it would be something to do with some email accounts or something and continued anyway.

Now when I start Outlook I am told that it requires Outlook Express 4.0 or later, which surely can't be right can it? Outlook still starts and appears to work without Outlook Express installed, but this message appears?

Will I need to install OE 6.0 now or can I get away with leaving it off and just get rid of the message?

  anon1 19:04 13 Feb 2004

Outlook has No news capability, therefore outlook express is needed for that.

  Gaz W 19:47 13 Feb 2004

That is really daft considering the price of Office 2000 when it was launched and even now if you can still find a copy!

I don't think the news facility is likely to be used anyway but will install Outlook Express 6.0 anyway to get rid of the message if nothing else.

  Falkyrn 21:15 13 Feb 2004

Outlook 2000 does have "news" access

menu bar view/go to/news

  VoG II 21:23 13 Feb 2004

Yes but doesn't that take you to Outlook Express?

  PA28 21:23 13 Feb 2004

I once uninstalled Outlook Express think that as I had Outlook 2000 it wasn't needed. Big mistake. Don't know the why's and wherefore's but leave it where it is in my experience. Just knock out all the shortcuts so you don't get confused and set up the mail programs to use Outlook as appropriate.

  Falkyrn 21:50 13 Feb 2004

VoG No its outlook 2000's news reader

  Gaz W 22:21 13 Feb 2004


Thanks everyone for your help.

Have done some more research into the subject and discovered that Outlook 2000 does not have its own news facility, and that is why Outlook Express is required. Microsoft does not support Outlook 2000 being used without Outlook Express 4.01 or later.

I had actually uninstalled Outlook Express when I started this thread and was getting a message informing me that Outlook required Outlook Express 4.01 or later.

Anyway, have installed Outlook Express 6.0 now and it works, so the problem is resolved.

I just thought that it was a bit stupid because of the fact that Outlook/Office is a product that is very expensive, but Outlook Express is free and Microsoft are making a product that can't even manage some of the basic features Outlook Express can without actually having OE installed as well!

Since a complete novice will be using the computer I have removed the shortcuts to Outlook Express to avoid confusion (it is necessary to use the full Outlook even though Express is most probably simpler), and the default email client is Outlook.

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