Does a Nat Firewall require additional security

  Kase 12:03 30 Aug 2004

I am trying to follow a thread posted by Psiman Posted on 29-10-2002 at 07:22 via the search box in Helpforum but keep being directed back to the main page!!. so I would like to know "Does a Nat Firewall require additional security" and if so why and the additional security needed.

  sazza 16:27 30 Aug 2004

A NAT firewall helps prevent access into your PC since the IP address that appears on the internet is your switches IP rather than the PC.

This does not prevent your PC from sending out to the internet especially if you have trojan software that transmits information back to its author.

  dez fowler 01:35 31 Aug 2004

I'd suggest anti-virus software and some form of software firewall (xp's own is beefed up if you have service pack 2 installed so that may be enough) in addition to the router.

  AndySD 07:23 31 Aug 2004

If you are talking about a routers hardware firewall most of these are set to allow anything out as sazza says. But you can restrict outgoing as well manually. I set mine to log all outgoing requests then blocked all outgoing. used IE and Outlook etc then looked at the logs so I could set the rules to enable the programs to connect. Leaving thee rest blocked.

You will still need an antivirus though.

  Kase 22:39 01 Sep 2004

Sazza* thank you for your reply.

dez fowler+ I am running Norton Antivirus all the time and sometimes a software firewall Zone Alarm Pro. I have not yet downloaded the service pack 2 for XP's firewall.

AndySD^ Thank you for your suggestion I am using a Nat firewall that is built in with a Zoom X4 ADSL Modem and Networking 2 Pc's and a Mac via a hub. The instructions for the X4 state it is set by default it does not say I can configure the settings it just says as the first paragraph of Sazza's* reply. One thing I have done is on 'Bindings for local area connections' disabled the TCP/IP protocol and enabled it on the IPX/SPX protocol on both PC's that have XPHE as an OS on the Mac that is also on the network I have accepted Mac's standard settings. From all of your replies*^+ it would seem to me I must still run with a software firewall to protect out goings ( I am also on the Pc's running Lavasoft Ad-aware 6 plus) I was hoping the Nat firewall would be enough protection for the Pc's. with the changed settings on the protocol.Thus "Does a Nat Firewall require additional security".

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