Does MSDN Use Java?

  Jester2K II 08:18 20 Aug 2003

Ok might sound silly but here goes.

I installed Windows XP SP-1a (the non Java Flavour one)

Now when i use my MSDN Library Visual Studio 6 (got it with Visual Basic 6) none of the links within the pages work!

Ie if i look up a command all the links result in a Script Error - Object doesn't support this method or property.

Could my using SP-1a have nobbled my MSDN?

Is there a way to fix this? Maybe a Java Download??

  User-312386 08:39 20 Aug 2003

download java software click here

  Jester2K II 08:47 20 Aug 2003

Cheers but it didn't work i'm afraid....

  User-312386 22:34 20 Aug 2003

Oh i see you have downloaded SP1-A


  Jester2K II 22:35 20 Aug 2003

True but then your link should have worked if the lack of Java was responsible...

  powerless 19:57 21 Aug 2003


Did you install A over 1?

  Jester2K II 21:45 21 Aug 2003

I was never sure if i installed 1 so i installed 1a.

Why? No problems so far?

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