Does Microsoft phone you and ask for details?

  bumpkin 22:56 23 Oct 2012

Hi, an odd title for an odd question, I frequently get phone calls from India saying that they represent Microsoft and that I have sent error messages and they will help me fix the problems. Then they start asking details which I refuse to supply. Have any of you had similar calls? Also how do they know my phone number as Microsoft don`t as far as I know. Seems like some kind of scam to me, what do you think?


  lotvic 23:00 23 Oct 2012

It's a SCAM read just hang up or tell them you don't have a pc or you could swear at the thieving gits first.

  bumpkin 23:08 23 Oct 2012

Thanks Lotvic, I thought so.

(Post edited by FE to remove unacceptable wording)

  Forum Editor 09:51 24 Oct 2012

"...or you could swear at the thieving gits first.

That's just the kind of crass advice we can do without. Using abusive language over the telephone is an offence under the terms of the Communications Act 2003, and carries a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment.

We're not here to encourage others to commit criminal offences, and the use of profanities in posts - even when thinly disguised with asterisks, etc. will not be tolerated.

If you receive a hoax call from someone pretending to be from Microsoft, simply put the phone down, it's not necessary to engage in conversation, and certainly not necessary to use obscene language to the person at the other end.

  bumpkin 10:13 24 Oct 2012

My apologies to all, clearly inappropriate behavior by myself, will not happen again.


  lotvic 12:03 24 Oct 2012

That's us told.... apologies for encouraging verbal retorts to con artists trying to rob over the phone. Must remember to be nice to them and just hang up when they ring every day for weeks on end trying to con me into parting with my hard earned cash.

I didn't realise it could be me that ends up a convicted criminal and go to jail. I foolishly thought I was using 'reasonable (verbal) force' to defend myself and my property.

I suppose they could always report me for swearing - would make an interesting court case....

  Forum Editor 12:19 24 Oct 2012


Don't go all petulant on me - you made a mistake, it's not the end of the world, everyone does it from time to time.

Fake phone calls are a menace, and very irritating, but the best policy really is to put the phone down. You don't need to "defend myself and my property" with bad language, and nobody can con you into parting with anything if you don't speak to them.

  Forum Editor 12:20 24 Oct 2012


Thank you - no harm done.

  bumpkin 13:05 24 Oct 2012

My fault entirely Lotvic, did not mean to involve you. I am sure a lot of people would agree with you on how to deal with these pests. It was my use of bad language on this site that seems to have caused offense which I can understand. It is a helproom and my comment hardly met the "helpful" criteria.


  Jollyjohn 13:33 24 Oct 2012


See my post on this -

TeamViewer and LogMeIn were very grateful for the info I provided.

Telling them you run Linux gets rid of them pretty quick as well.

  lotvic 13:35 24 Oct 2012

FE, petulant? - you talkin' to me?

Not petulant, but guilty of sarcasm - the lowest form of wit.

However, I have apologised, and do so again, for encouraging (on an open forum) verbal retorts to con artists.

bumpkin, not your fault at all. It was me that suggested swearing at the gits. And if FE tells me off for encouraging it, then that's my fault for suggesting it.

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