Does the MHz play a role in ram compatibility?

  Subdux 13:59 22 Dec 2014

I am about to buy new ram (2 sticks of 4gb of DDR3 ram each).Here are my motherboard specs : click here says Memory Standard:DDR3 1333/1066.Does that mean that I must find a ram that has 1333MHz or 1066MHz for frequency?


  xania 14:16 22 Dec 2014

Don't confuse matters by looking at speed - just look for DDR3 1066 or DDR3 1333. Better still, download the Crucial scanner from:

click here let this do the work for you.


  Subdux 14:22 22 Dec 2014

So you say a DDR3 1600 ram would not be compatible?Also does CAS latency play a role?

  northumbria61 14:50 22 Dec 2014

1600 ram would run but it would automatically downclock to 1333 and you would probably pay more also.

  northumbria61 14:54 22 Dec 2014
  xania 14:56 22 Dec 2014

DDR3 1600 would probably be too fast for your motherboard - you might get away with it but that would be your risk. That's why the motherboard manufacturer tells you what RAM the board supports. You buy the RAM in matched pairs to avoid any inconsistencies in CAS latency, but, as I said previously, if in any doubt allow Crucial to make its own recommendations and you will be OK.

  Subdux 15:00 22 Dec 2014

Thanks good to know! Do you know what type of DDR3 ram my motherboard is compatible with:SDRAM or SO DIMM? Also I used crucial and it shows me many DDR3 1600 compatible rams

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:03 22 Dec 2014

DDR3 1600 will slow down to the max speed your board will run at or the slowest stick fitted if you mix ram.

SoDimms are for laptops and will not fit your board.

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