Does this mean a format and reinstall?

  dagwoood 04:08 23 Oct 2004

I was running a system restore and when it rebooted, windows started to load and then I was greated with a black screen with just my cursor sitting in the middle of it and no hard drive activity.

I tried rebooting into the last good known configuration and got to the same black screen. Ditto for booting into the different safe modes.

Is this, as I think, terminal and requires a format and reinstall?

Cheers, dagwoood.

P.S.Its only through the wonders of using a Linux Live CD that I could post this!!!

  harps1h 07:43 23 Oct 2004

try rebooting it in soft mode first and indentify if there is a reason for the black screen. as a matter of interest why did you use restore?

  harps1h 07:44 23 Oct 2004

sorry typo. safe mode!

  JonnyTub 09:17 23 Oct 2004

I think your best option would be to repair the installation by installing over the top, you say you can't get it to boot in any mode so not a lot of choice really.

  dagwoood 11:07 23 Oct 2004

Harps1h, cannnot get into safe mode at all. Doing a system restore as I'd tried out some different graphics drivers(D.N.A.)and didn't realise there's no uninstall option for them.

JonnyTub, never occurred to me to attempt a repair(talk about missing the obvious!!). I'll see if that'll work.

Thank you both, dagwoood.

  Rayuk 11:37 23 Oct 2004

click here
You could try this,I used this a fortnight ago to restore a friends system.

  Rayuk 11:38 23 Oct 2004

PS After using this I came across an article in the PCAdvisor mag about the same thing.

  dagwoood 21:52 23 Oct 2004

Rayuk, thanks for the link but there's just one problem. I think my O.E.M copy of XP is knackered!!!

I've got to take my pc back to the shop that built my system and see whether it's the disk or there's a problem somewhere else.

Thank god I downloaded Linux Featherlite, at least I can still surf or I'd be sitting looking at a blank screen ;0)

Thanks again everyone for the advice, dagwoood.

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