Does this image load?

  jg1990 17:00 09 May 2005

I've had reports that one of the main images on my site is not displaying.

It displays fine for me thereofore should do for this other person, but it doesn't.

The website is here

The image that should load is the one at the top, it has the wording "West Hinkley Action Group" written on it.

So does this load?

Many Thanks, James

  PurplePenny 17:52 09 May 2005

I can see it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:11 09 May 2005

I use Opera 8 and the image does not load for me.

  Brooke 18:43 09 May 2005

I use Firefox 1.3.

  jg1990 18:53 09 May 2005

browser support check in dreamweaver and found some errors. It appears that the errors are from the HTML for the pictures as when I delete them the errors disppear.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks, James

  jg1990 19:01 09 May 2005

Ok fixed it, It seems I was missing an ALT tag.

I would appreciate it if you still have a look though please just to check.

Regards, James

  LeadingMNMs 21:04 09 May 2005

Checked it in Firefox, IE, Opera, Mozilla and Netscape and image loaded each time. Looks like your problems solved.

  anchor 09:48 10 May 2005

All OK here in IE6.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:13 10 May 2005

Tried again using Opera 8 and the image still would not load. After some fiddling to see why it would not load I have found that it was being blocked by Norton Internet Security as though it were an advertisement, I have ad blocking turned on at all times. With ad blocking turned off it loads ok.

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